Creativity Project “Balloon Parachute”

On 12th and 13th of December 2011, in the managerial skills development workshop in ISME Bangalore, students had a creative activity session. The students were divided into groups, and each group was provided with craft material. Using that, the students were expected to make balloon parachutes, using their own unique ideas in forty five minutes. Each group came up with new ideas of making a parachute out of paper and […]

A poem by Trushna Sampat, a student of ISME, Navi Mumbai, 2011 batch

Always together The clouds are darkening. The sky is crying. I want to go out and cry along with rain and forget everything. But I know you will not allow me to do so. You will always be there to hold me back. I don’t know why I know somehow that u will always be there. No matter if the sun rises or sets, No matter if the flowers blossom […]


Taking a set of wee hours in account that I spent along with one of my sweet uncle, I do start this topic. I and he were driving our legs to the confectionery stall. It was pretty cool morning and when I pulled out my eyes from the cell phone screen and watched around, I could see many health conscious uncles and a few aunties jogging with covered nose-mouth with […]

ISME student wins at TCS Smart Champions.

Rini Verghese, a student of ISME won an online case study contest conducted by Smart Manager Magazine, sponsored by Tata Consultancy Services. The contest calls in entries for analysis of a case study. Rini won the prize in the Student Case Study category. ISME congratulates Rini for her great success.( Marya Wani Asst. Professor (Marketing) ISME 

Placements at ISME- Batch 2010-11

ISME Placement activities for the batch of 2010-11, have started in full swing. A number of reputed companies have come to the campus to recruit students of ISME.  Already, many of us have been placed with term 6 yet to finish. This is about our experience during the selection process of Confianzys Consulting Pvt. Ltd. The company deals in Product Management, Marketing management and Customer Management. In fact the process […]

Talent Management

Talent” is a term you hear bandied about in a variety of contexts. It’s used constantly in reference to celebrities: in show business, performers are often referred to as “the talent”; sports analysts will talk about an outstanding athlete’s “raw talent.” Grade-school kids impress audiences full of parents at talent shows, while the existence of talent agencies and talent brokers imply that talent is a rarefied commodity, something to be […]

Ingredients of Top CEO’s

It’s obvious that when you go to medical college you will become doctor, but an academic MBA degree does not imply any set career path, one may choose to enter any diverse field, but the most alluring job is being a CEO of an organization. What does that make CEOs? Is there any special ingredient that distinguishes a normal MBA executive from a CEO? Yes, per se plethora of nitty […]

INDIANS: We are like that only

This video was a part of the presentation we made on the book, “We are like that only” by Rama Bijapurkar.Indian market was confined within its boundaries prior to 1991. There was a huge duty & tax  burden on the goods imported. Customers did not have many options.But all thanks to Dr. Manmohan Singh, who brought about liberalization and transformed the Indian economy. India is a diverse market and companies need to […]

Life in Bangalore

When I came to bangalore, I was very excited to feel the new culture and the new college. Life in bangalore was like a dream come true. Thanks to all of you who made my life so beautiful. This video is dedicated to all the ISMEans. Written and Created by: Anjum Patel

Appreciate good memories and see what happens.

The older we get, the larger our memory becomes. Our memories, like everything else in life, are a medley of the good and bad, the positive and negative. Memories are more than just a receptacle of past experiences. We can review the contents of our memory bank; they either energise us and live a full life, or put us down and feel blue. Our memories are made up of our […]