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India Business Study Program

India Business Study Program (IBSP) offered by International School of Management Excellence (ISME), is a curated course to provide international management students a deep insight on the young and growing market of India. India’s diversity in culture, languages, traditions, natural landscape and political environment is well known. However, such diversity poses a challenge for foreign students to discern Indian consumer market and business environment. This program aims to aid international students in understanding Indian economic environment and Indian sensibilities. The main objective of the program is to familiarize international students with the economic, demographic, cultural and regulatory aspects of doing business in and with India.

IBSP is a 30-hour program which will encompass four main modules viz. (a) Exploring India (b) Business Opportunities and Trends in India (c) Entry in India and (d) Cultural differences when working in India. The details of the modules are given below:

Module 1: Exploring India

Introduction to growing Indian economy, its unique demography and its diverse cultures and traditions.

Module 2: Business Opportunities and Trends in India

Insight on business opportunities and emerging trends in India through classroom sessions and industry interactions. Special focus will be sunrise sectors like Information Technology and Business Process Management, Hospitality and Tourism, Wellness, and Media and Entertainment.

Module 3: Entry in India

Primer to Indian regulatory framework and policies if one wants set up business entity (incorporated and unincorporated) in India. An overview of Special Economic Zones will also be offered.

Module 4: Cultural differences when working in India

Insight on cultural considerations with respect to communication style, building relationships, and conformity to rules and authority while doing business in India.

By attending IBSP, the participants will gain valuable insights on India. The participants can expect following takeaways from the program.

  1. Comprehensive understanding of Indian economy, demography, culture and landscape
  2. Overview of the key sectors in India and its growth drivers
  3. Knowledge on entry structures and set-up processes to start business in India
  4. Insight on cultural considerations while doing business in India

Who Should Participate?

  • International business leaders and managers who would like to explore India as a new business opportunity
  • International management students (undergraduate and post graduate) who would like to explore exciting opportunities in the growing and dynamic Indian market.

The program can be conducted in either online mode or offline mode

Online Mode:

In the online mode, the program will be delivered through live online interactive sessions. The system requirements include laptops/ computers and installation of Teams platform. The live online sessions will include interactive group activities, fun learning experiences and stand-up comedy.

Offline Mode: (Once COVID travel restrictions like quarantine requirement are lifted)

The tentative program schedule in the offline mode will be as follows:

Day 1: Arrival, shuttle pick-up at airport and hostel drop-off

Day 2: Module 1 on Exploring India

Day 3: Module 2 on Business Opportunities and Trends in India

Day 4: Industrial Visit

Day 4: Module 3 on Entry in India

Day 5: Module 4 on Cultural Differences while working in India

Day 6: Cultural tour

Day 7: Shop and Relax to enjoy Incredible India

Day 8: Send off

On successful completion of the course, the student will be awarded Certification in International Business (India) by International School of Management Excellence.

The program fee of the online IBSP program is USD 250 per participant (minimum of 20 participants).

The program fee of the offline IBSP program is USD 800 per participant which will include the following (minimum of 20 participants):

  • Accommodation (twin sharing) with breakfast, lunch and dinner facilities for the day’s student is on the campus
  • All course modules, industry and site visits
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off

Airfare, visa fee, personal expenses, health and travel insurance are not included.


To know more about the program contact

Prof. Pallavi Jain
Director, International Relations
Email: Ph: +91 99015 00770

Dr. Purnajit Chatterjee
Head- Consultancy, Training and External Relations
Email: Ph:  +91 9845131435