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Guest Lecture by Mr. Shivakumar Venkateswaran on 6th November 2014

A guest lecture was held on 6th November 2014 with an attendance of around 50-60 students. The lecture was delivered by Mr. Shivakumar Venkateswaran, General Manager, Future Value Retail Ltd of future group. He was addressed by one of our student, Subhashree Swain. The session was around of 1hr 15mins. And it was totally based on β€œCareer Brand Management”.
He talked about the essential factors like self assessment, and self motivation as these factors play an essential role in choosing a career and keeping oneself focused. He also gave tips regarding the process how one should do self assessment.
Later he played a game taking 6 people and differentiated according to the passion and values. It was highly beneficial for the students.
He considered student as a particular brand and then analyzed its value and connected how worthy is the person is and how they are an asset.

The lecture was highly beneficial to all the students. He was presented with a memento by one of our student Ms. Hena Tuli.