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Remember that one time……Every hostel has a story and you become the part of it with your stay.
ISME makes Hostel life as a tapestry woven with countless unforgettable moments—some hilarious, others heart-warming, all etched into the fabric of memories. ISME has a modern on-campus hostel for boys and girls. It features an open-air amphitheatre, basketball and other sporting facilities with round-the-clock security. The entire hostel is Wi-Fi-enabled for uninterrupted learning environment outside the class. Our hostels have been designed to provide a comfortable, safe, inclusive and secure living even as they provide opportunities to form lasting friendships and ease the transition from home to college. Residential staff is always available to support the students from different backgrounds to promote community. Living on campus provides students with opportunities to:

  • Make connections with diverse population of people
  • Gain better communication and interpersonal skills
  • Participate in leadership roles in groups and events on campus


ISME Cafeteria is the heart of the campus, where students and faculty drop by to grab a quick bite. As the campus welcomes students with different backgrounds, our cafeteria strives to provide facilities which is closely resemble the taste of home. Dedicated canteen administration operates from morning till night. From taste to nutrition, utmost care is taken ensuring the highest standards of hygiene are maintained. Chole Bhature is one of the students favourites on the menu.

Roof top Cafeteria

On the other hand, a rooftop cafeteria offers a unique perspective, quite literally. Elevated above the campus, it provides panoramic views of the surroundings, creating an ambiance that fosters relaxation and inspiration. Whether enjoying a meal under the open sky or studying with the cityscape as a backdrop, the rooftop cafeteria offers a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle below. It’s a cherished spot where students gather to unwind, connect, and soak in the beauty of their collegiate experience.

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