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TEDxISME Bangalore 2022

  • December 3, 2022 - 10:00
  • ISME Bangalore

International School of Management Excellence is proud to organize TEDxISME at The Auditorium, International School of Management Excellence (ISME) Sy. No. 88,Chembanahalli, Near Dommasandra Circle, Sarjapur Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka, 562125. We look forward to welcoming diverse perspectives in our curated TEDxTalk. Discuss and ponder upon thoughts as you envision on our speakers’ opinions. TEDxISMEBangalore theme for Dec 3rd, 2022 is Influencing through SoftPower. You are the change you wish to see, we learn the importance of listening to and accepting diverse ideas and voices. Our carefully curated TEDxTalk are a means to use TEDx platform to sensitize the local community to varied points of view and to make communities more open and inclusive to diversity. TEDxISMEBangalore aims to bring stories of simple ordinary people who made small efforts during tough times, which led to improving the lives of others in a small but significant ways. Bringing you stories of Ordinary people who found ways to better the life of community they lived in, and have been instrumental in changing people’s lives.

Our Speakers

Mr R K Misra
Politician, Scholar and Entrepreneur

A name synonymous with change, a beacon of inspiration, Mr R.K. Misra. A renowned politician and scholar, fondly known as Misraji, He is known for his many successful entrepreneurial endeavours and philanthropic efforts. He is the founder of Tenet Technologies, Tenet Telecom and Tenet Holdings as well as the co-founder of YULU, India’s largest shared mobility platform. An alumnus of IIT Kanpur and Tokyo University, Mr. Misra now focuses on philanthropy and politics through SAHYOG, a social welfare council providing livelihood opportunities to the poor that he founded in 2005. He is known for his active engagement in state government, central ministries and industry bodies on matters of public policy and economic development.

Dr. Shekhar Seshadri with Mr Vinoo Mathew
Ex-Professor in NIMHANS Bangalore

Dr Shekhar is a child psychiatrist with 40 years of experience in the field of child mental health but his work extends beyond the clinical population, amongst others, to children in institutions, educational spaces and in the context of law, across the country as well as the South Asia region. With a view to enabling access to mental health for the most vulnerable child populations, his special areas of interest in child mental health are childhood trauma, gender and sexuality and life skill education. An artist and musician, he uses a number of creative methodologies in child mental health interventions, including theatre in development approaches. He plays steel string acoustic electric guitar and sings for the Sarjapur Blues Band He is widely quoted by the media for his numerous achievements towards mental health initiatives. He has co-authored 2 books and also has written chapters as a guest author. Widely known for his efforts and contributions to mental health.

Mr Vinoo Mathew
Musician and Market Researcher,  Bangalore

Vinoo Matthew plays music for a living and does other things to earn a living.

He has been playing music for longer than anyone ought to, and has played rock, jazz, blues, fusion and music that no one listens to. He plays/has played bass with the Rex Rozario Quintet, Aftermath, River, Gerard Machado Network, Ministry of Blues, Cantonment Jazz Terminus, Chronic Blues Band, Bangalore Jazz & Abstract Music Club, etc ad nauseum. He also plays lead guitar with the underground group, the Sarjapur Blues Band, proving Frank Zappa’s statement: “All bass players are failed lead guitarists”.

The Sarjapur Blues Band is a Working Men’s, Underground, Backstreet, Original, Eclectic, Rhythm and Fake Blues Band.

Ms Gauthami Jeji
Theatre artist, Spiritual counsellor, and Model

In a world full of trend followers we introduce a true trendsetter, a woman refining standards, Ms.Gauthami Jeji. A successful theatre artist, actor, spiritual counsellor and model, her charisma and tenacity has refined beauty standards with diversity and inclusivity. An advocate for equality and safety in the modelling industry, she is paving a path free of exploitation and bias for any that may come after her. What Ms.Jeji promotes is the importance of embracing ourselves and being comfortable in our own skin and above all the importance of having confidence in ourselves.

Ms Vidhya Sivaramakrishnan
Journalist and Editor

People are inspired through stories, stories which are generated from experiences. To bring forward such experiences Ms.Vidhya Sivaramakrishnan works towards bridging the gap between vision and reality. Working as a journalist, she uses her power of speech into communicating the stories from different fields like talent, leadership, work culture, scaling up, inclusion, diversity, and gender balance. Currently working as a deputy editor at Your story media, she uses her creativity into narrating inspiring stories of start-ups and the milestones of their journeys. Using her exceptional communication skills, she inspired and influenced people in matters of stories as well as reality. She truly justifies the phrase- “The true alchemists do not change lead into gold, they change world into words. “