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Mandatory Disclosure

Mandatory Disclosures updated on June 12, 2024

AICTE File No.

Date & Period of last
May 17, 2024
Approval Letters
AICTE Approval Letter

NBA Accreditation Status

1Name/ List of Programmes/ Courses AccreditedPGDM – Accredited for 3 years (2022-2023 to 2024-2025 i.e. up to 30-06-2025)
2Applied for Accreditation

A. Applied but Visit not happened

B. Visit happened but result awaited
Applied for Renewal

Visit to happen - November 2022
3List of programmes/ courses Not AppliedNone

NAAC Accreditation Status

1Accredited - No
2Applied for Accreditation - Application in process

Name of the Institution

International School of Management Excellence
Address of the InstitutionSy No.88, Chembanahalli, Near Dommasandra Circle, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore-562125.
City & Pin Code

Bangalore - 562125
State / UTKarnataka
Phone number with STD code

Office hours at the Institution8.30 AM to 6.30 PM
Academic hours at the
8.30 AM to 4.30 PM
Nearest Railway Station(dist)Carmelaram Station 5.3 Km
Nearest Airport (dist in Km)Kempegowda International Airport (formerly Bangalore
International Airport) 56.9 Km.

Type of Institution

Private-Self Financed
Category (1) of the InstitutionNon Minority
Category (2) of the InstitutionCo-Ed

Name of the organization
running the Institution

Type of the organizationTrust
Address of the organizationCAP1, EPIP, NR ITPL, WHITEFIELD, BANGALORE
Registered withBANGALORE
Registration date28/04/2004
Website of the

Name of the affiliating
University / Board

Not applicable
AddressNot applicable
WebsiteNot applicable
Latest affiliation periodNot applicable

Name of Principal / Director

Dr. Shampa Nandi
Exact DesignationPrincipal
Phone number with STD code080 28019800
Highest DegreePhD
Field of specializationMarketing and Quantative techniques

Governing Board Members

Frequency of meetings & date of last meeting:Twice in a year. 15.01.2022
Governing Board
  • Mr. K G Garg, Chairman , Founder & Chairman, NVT Trust

  • Prof. Nitin Garg, Member, Director, ISME

  • Mr. Vivek Garg, Member, Director, ISME

  • Mr. Tanuj Garg, Member, Director, ISME

  • Dr. S Shyam Prasad, Faculty Member, Professor, ISME

  • Dr. Rony G Kurien, Dean Member Secretary

  • Dr. Ramesh U., AICTE Nominee, Regional Officer & Director, AICTE

  • Mr. A N Chandramouli, Nominee from Industry, Board Member – Starragheckert & CEO ANCM Management Consulting

  • Mr. Prashanth Kuttuva, Nominee from Industry, Partner – Deloitte

  • Dr. Anand K Joshi, Nominee from Education Industry, Ex-Founder Vice Chancellor, CMR University

  • Mr. Shivakumar Venkateswaran, Nominee from Education Industry, Former Chief Human Resources Officer – IIM (Bangalore)

  • Dr. Shampa Nandi, Member Secretary, Principal, ISME
  • Faculty Details for Mandatory Disclosure

    AY 2022-23

    Sl. NoNamePAN. NoHighest QualifivationArea of specializationDesignationDate of JoiningDate on which designated as Professor/ Assosiate ProfessorCurrently Associated(Y/N)Nature of Association(Regular/Contract/Adjunct)If Contractual mention Full time or Part timeDate of Leaving(In case currently associated is 'No'
    1Nitin GargAJEPG7805LPhdStrategic ManagementDirector2014-08-012014-08-01YRegularFull timeYES
    2Pallavi Jain GargAMEPG0935CPGDMHRDirector2014-08-012014-08-01YRegularFull timeYES
    3Shampa NandiCQBPS3927FPhdAnalyticsPrincipal (PGDM)2016-05-022016-05-02YRegularFull timeYES
    4Shurlly TiwariAFAPT 5891HPhdHRDept. Reg.2016-09-072016-09-07YRegularFull timeYES
    5S Shyam PrasadAKRPS6044FPhdMarketingMarketing Head2019-06-102019-06-10YRegularFull timeYES
    6Rony G KurienAADPK5720GPhdConsumer BehaviourDean2014-08-012014-08-01YRegularFull timeYES
    7Tanuj GaurBKGPG6612KMBAFinanceDirector2015-08-012015-08-01YRegularFull timeYES
    8Vivek GaurAEYPG8238EMBAMarketingDirector2018-08-012018-08-01YRegularFull timeYES
    9Sriram PrabhakarAISPP7425QPGDBAOrganizational Behavior, HR Analytics, SustainabilityAsst. Prof.2019-10-092019-10-09YRegularFull timeYES
    10Shruthi NanjappaACVPN6180HMPhilBusiness CommunicationAsst. Prof.2021-02-152021-02-15YRegularFull timeYES
    11Nisha Mary ThomasAHFPJ3064PPhdFinanceFinance Head2021-08-092021-08-09YRegularFull timeYES
    12Ratchana RAJAPR5426JPhdFinanceAsst. Prof.2021-09-012021-09-01NRegularFull time2023-12-15
    13Sambatur HarithaCFTPS0810LPhdMarketingDept. Reg.2021-10-012021-10-01YRegularFull timeYES
    14Mini PillaiGXIPS5882PMphilManagerial Skills & EntereneurshipAsst. Prof.2021-10-012021-10-01YRegularFull timeYES
    15Ramesh C PANDPR5115PMALanguage Asst. Prof.2023-06-052023-06-05YRegularFull timeYES
    16Savitha KumariCFEPS5608KPhdHindiAsst. Prof.2022-06-202022-06-20YRegularFull timeYES
    17Sindhu Shantha NairBYBPS3381NPhdHRAssociate Prof.2022-07-292022-07-29YRegularFull timeYES
    18Shashi Rekha B VARUPV3377JPhdFinanceAsst. Prof.2022-08-162022-08-16YRegularFull timeYES
    19Shashi Kala PatilAJBPP4381KPhdMarketingAsst. Prof.2022-09-052022-09-05YRegularFull timeYES
    20Pooja NagpalAGFPN0285KPhdHRDept. Reg.2023-01-042023-01-04YRegularFull timeYES
    21Aradhna YadavAAXPY0117BPhdHRPrincipal (UG)2023-03-162023-03-16YRegularFull timeYES
    22Raveesh RATPPR3408MMcomFinanceAsst. Prof.2023-04-012023-04-01YRegularFull timeYES
    23Bharathi RavishankarAJDPB2303FMasters in Information TechnologySystem analysisAsst. Prof.2023-04-032023-04-03YRegularFull timeYES
    24RameshKumar MurugesanBBXPR9994KPhdHRAssociate Prof.2019-06-102019-06-10YRegularFull timeYES
    25Subanika PradhanBUMPP2975GMasters in Financial ManagementFinanceAsst. Prof.2023-05-152023-05-15YRegularFull timeYES
    26Konanki SurendraBDNPK6342JM TechComputer ScienceAsst. Prof.2023-06-052023-06-05YRegularFull timeYES
    27Geeta Ashok MenonAKRPA4168LA.I.C.T.EBanking & FinanceAsst. Prof.2023-06-262023-06-26YRegularFull timeYES
    28Sweta BhasinAUBPB2992HPhdMarketing & Managerial EconomicsAsst. Prof.2023-07-172023-07-17YRegularFull timeYES
    29Kavitha K.NEHFPK6524RM-TechMachine Learning & Data AnalyticsAsst. Prof.2023-07-282023-07-28YRegularFull timeYES
    30Sudipto DasAHYPD8963AMBABusiness AnalyticsAsst. Prof.2023-07-262023-07-26YRegularFull timeYES
    31Prashanth PrashanthCGIP9563MPhdBusiness & ManagementAsst. Prof.2023-08-072023-08-07NRegularFull time2023-09-15
    32Sushyni KothuriBWVPK5664CPhdELTAssociate Prof.2023-08-212023-08-21YRegularFull timeYES
    33Amrutha KPBJTPP7386KUGC NETFinanceAsst. Prof.2023-08-242023-08-24YRegularFull timeYES
    34Pratap MathanAZGPP9755QAIFF ‘D’ Licence Physical Education InstructorAsst. Prof.2023-09-112023-09-11YRegularFull timeYES
    35Vikku AgrawalADQPA0227LMCMFinanceAsst. Prof.2019-01-122019-01-12NRegularFull time15-07 2023
    36Stuti AgarwalAMVPA1028MMSCBusiness AnalyticsAsst. Prof.2020-06-012020-06-01NRegularFull time2023-08-14
    37MeenaKumari JAIJPJ6690EPhdBusiness AnalyticsAsst. Prof.2020-06-012020-06-01NRegularFull time2022-08-23
    38Krishnan IyerAAAPM6612JLIII (GEN)Managerial Skill DevelopmentsAsst. Reg.2010-07-302010-07-30YRegularFull timeYES
    39Tilak ThomasACGPT6361BMBAExtranal RelationsDept. Reg.2024-02-012024-02-01YRegularFull timeYES
    40Prabha ThakurADBPT8731HIGDCSCounselling SkillsCounseller2023-01-222023-01-22NRegularFull timeYES

    AY 2021-22

    Sl.NoNamePAN NoHighest QualificationArea of SpecializationDesignationDate of JoiningDate on which Designated as Professor/Associate ProfessorCurrently Associated (Y/N)Natire of Association (Regular/Contract/Adjunct)If contractual mention Full time or Part timeDate of Leaving (In case Currently Associated is "No")
    1S Shyam PrasadAKRPS6044FPhDMarketingProfessor01.08.201401.08.2014YESRegular-NO
    2Nitin GargAJEPG7805L MBA (USA)StrategyAsst. Prof01.08.201401.08.2014YESRegular-NO
    3Sudindra V RAIFPR2331EMBAFinanceAsst. Prof6/21/20156/21/2015YESRegular-NO
    4Pallavi Jain GargAMEPG0935CPGDMHRAsst. Prof8/1/20148/1/2014YESRegular-NO
    5Shampa NandiCQBPS3927FPhDMarketing + QTProfessor5/2/20157/1/2019YESRegular-NO
    6Shurlly TiwariAFAPT 5891HPhd (Pursuing)HRAsst. Prof9/7/20169/7/2016YESRegular-NO
    7Tanuj GargBKGPG6612KMaster of ScienceFinanceAsst. Prof8/1/20148/1/2014YESRegular-NO
    8Vivek GargAEYPG8238EMSIAFinanceAsst. Prof8/1/20148/1/2014YESRegular-NO
    9Vikku AgrawalADQPA0227LMCMFinanceAsst. Prof1/15/20191/15/2019YESRegular-NO
    10Rony KurienAADPK5720GPh. D.MarketingProfessor6/10/20196/10/2019YESRegular-NO
    11RameshKumar MurugesanBBXPR9994KPhDHRAssoc. Prof.6/10/20196/10/2019YESRegular-7/16/2022
    12Kiran Kumar K VAQUPK3729NPGDBM, M.ComFinaceAsst. Prof4/19/20214/19/2021YESRegular-8/30/2022
    13Sriram PrabhakarAISPP7425QPGDBAHRAsst. Prof10/9/201910/9/2019YESRegular-NO
    14Jacob ChandyABZPC6456EPGDMFinaceAsst. Prof8/2/20218/2/2021YESRegular-NO
    15Raja SankaranAATPR3072LPhDMarketingAssoc. Prof.6/1/20206/1/2020YESRegular-5/19/2022
    16StutiAgarwalAMVPA1028MMasterStatisticsAsst. Prof6/1/20206/1/2020YESRegular-NO
    17MeenaKumari JAIJPJ6690EPh.DITProfessor6/1/20206/1/2020YESRegular-8/23/2022
    18Ravi RangaswamyABFPR4625LPh.DMarketingProfessor8/6/20208/6/2020YESRegular-30/04/2022
    19RajendraDesaiAHLPD2262RMSQuantitive TechniquesAsst. Prof3/1/20213/1/2021YESRegular-NO
    20Nisha Mary ThomasAHFPJ3064PPh DFinanceAssoc. Prof.8/9/20218/9/2021YESRegular-NO
    21Sambatur HarithaCFTPS0810LPh DMarketingAsst. Prof10/1/202110/1/2021YESRegular-NO
    22Anshu SharmaAYKPS8533LPGPMMarketingAsst. Prof11/15/202111/15/2021YESRegular-NO

    AY 2020-21

    Sl.NoNamePAN NoHighest QualificationArea of SpecializationDesignationDate of JoiningDate on which Designated as Professor/Associate ProfessorCurrently Associated (Y/N)Natire of Association (Regular/Contract/Adjunct)If contractual mention Full time or Part timeDate of Leaving (In case Currently Associated is "No")
    1S Shyam PrasadAKRPS6044FPhDMarketingProfessor01.08.201401.08.2014YESRegular-No
    2Nitin GargAJEPG7805L MBA (USA)StrategyAsst. Prof01.08.201401.08.2014YESRegular-No
    3Sudindra V RAIFPR2331EMBAFinanceAsst. Prof6/21/20156/21/2015YESRegular-No
    4Pallavi Jain GargAMEPG0935CPGDMHRAsst. Prof8/1/20148/1/2014YESRegular-No
    5Shampa NandiCQBPS3927FPhDMarketing + QTProfessor5/2/20157/1/2019YESRegular-No
    6Shurlly TiwariAFAPT 5891HPhd (Pursuing)HRAsst. Prof9/7/20169/7/2016YESRegular-No
    7Tanuj GargBKGPG6612KMaster of ScienceFinanceAsst. Prof8/1/20148/1/2014YESRegular-No
    8Vivek GargAEYPG8238EMSIAFinanceAsst. Prof8/1/20148/1/2014YESRegular-No
    9Vikku AgrawalADQPA0227LMCMFinanceAsst. Prof1/15/20191/15/2019YESRegular-No
    10Rony KurienAADPK5720GPh. D.MarketingProfessor6/10/20196/10/2019YESRegular-No
    11RameshKumar MurugesanBBXPR9994KPhDHRAssoc. Prof.6/10/20196/10/2019YESRegular-7/16/2022
    12Shijimol E.ABISPA2299CM.Sc(Cooperation & Banking), Specialisatin in Cooperativ ManagementHRAsst. Prof9/25/20199/25/2019YESRegular-5/15/2021
    13Sriram PrabhakarAISPP7425QPGDBAHRAsst. Prof10/9/201910/9/2019YESRegular-No
    14Raja SankaranAATPR3072LPhDMarketingAssoc. Prof.6/1/20206/1/2020YESRegular-5/19/2022
    15StutiAgarwalAMVPA1028MMasterStatisticsAsst. Prof6/1/20206/1/2020YESRegular-No
    16MeenaKumari JAIJPJ6690EPh.DITProfessor6/1/20206/1/2020YESRegular-8/23/2022
    17Ravi RangaswamyABFPR4625LPh.DMarketingProfessor8/6/20208/6/2020YESRegular-30/04/2022
    18RajendraDesaiAHLPD2262RMSQuantitive TechniquesAsst. Prof3/1/20213/1/2021YESRegular-No

    AY 2019-20

    Sl.NoNamePAN NoHighest QualificationArea of SpecializationDesignationDate of JoiningDate on which Designated as Professor/Associate ProfessorCurrently Associated (Y/N)Natire of Association (Regular/Contract/Adjunct)If contractual mention Full time or Part timeDate of Leaving (In case Currently Associated is "No")
    1S Shyam PrasadAKRPS6044FPhDMarketingProfessor01.08.201401.08.2014YESRegular-No
    2Shampa NandiCQBPS3927FPhDMarketing + QTProfessor5/2/20157/1/2019YESRegular-No
    3Pallavi Jain GargAMEPG0935CPGDMHRAsst. Prof8/1/20148/1/2014YESRegular-No
    4Sudindra V RAIFPR2331EMBAFinanceAsst. Prof6/21/20156/21/2015YESRegular-No
    5Shurlly TiwariAFAPT 5891HPhd (Pursuing)HRAsst. Prof9/7/20169/7/2016YESRegular-No
    6Sambatur HarithaCFTPS0810LPh DMarketingAsst. Prof10/1/202110/1/2021YESRegular-No
    7Sriram PrabhakarAISPP7425QPGDBAHRAsst. Prof10/9/201910/9/2019YESRegular-No
    8Nitin GargAJEPG7805L MBA (USA)StrategyAsst. Prof01.08.201401.08.2014YESRegular-No
    9RameshKumar MurugesanBBXPR9994KPhDHRAssoc. Prof.6/10/20196/10/2019YESRegular-7/16/2022
    10Vivek GargAEYPG8238EMSIAFinanceAsst. Prof8/1/20148/1/2014YESRegular-No
    11Tanuj GargBKGPG6612KMaster of ScienceFinanceAsst. Prof8/1/20148/1/2014YESRegular-No
    12Rishiraj Das GuptaAFYPD8411RPGDMFinanceAsst. Prof8/1/20148/1/2014YESRegular-4/30/2021
    13Anilkumar RATFPA5389NMBAMarketingAsst. Prof5/30/20195/30/2019YESRegular-7/31/2020
    14Rony KurienAADPK5720GPh. D.MarketingProfessor6/10/20196/10/2019YESRegular-No
    15Anshu SharmaAYKPS8533LPGPMMarketingAsst. Prof11/15/202111/15/2021YESRegular-No
    16Swarna Lakshmi UmamaheshwaranAAOPU9461FPhDAnalyticsProfessor01.07.201801.07.2018YESRegular-3/31/2020
    17Vikku AgrawalADQPA0227LMCMFinanceAsst. Prof1/15/20191/15/2019YESRegular-No
    Student feedback mechanism on
    Institutional Governance/faculty performance
    Students feedback on faculty performance taken at
    the end of every term.
    Grievance redressal mechanism for
    faculty, staff and students
    Committees appointed to hear the grievance of
    faculty, staff and students.
    Name of the Department*MANAGEMENT
    1st Year of approval by the Council2014
    Year wise Sanctioned IntakeCAY180
    Doctoral CoursesYES, FPM
    Professional Society
    Name of the Information Officer for RTIDr. S. Shyam Prasad
    Phone number with STD code7259942381



    Section 4 (1) (b) of RTI Act 2005 covers the statutory declaration of International School of Management Excellence. (Website:

    Our Institute is affiliated to Bangalore University. The Institute has a Governing Body and Managing Committee as per the provisions. It runs as per the rules and regulations made by Central Government, UGC, other Statutory bodies, State Government and Affiliating University from time to time.

    The Institute comes under “Non-Grant/Self-finance” category; therefore financial transactions are audited. The Institute has different Bodies to maintain all types of discipline in the campus. All the cells/committees of the institutions are under Statutory Bodies. The applications under the RTI Act along with a postal order/demand draft for Rs.10.00 can be obtained in favor of “International School of Management Excellence”. This application may be sent to the Public Information Officer (PIO) or handed over in his/her office. All information about the Institute is open for the public and can be obtained by citizens of India.

    Names, designations and other particulars of Public Information Officers 

    S.No.NameDesignationContact NumbersEmail ID
    01Krishnan IyerAppellate Information

    02Manoj KumarPublic Information


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