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The Career Opportunity Cell (COC) manages alumni, corporate partnerships and assists students with placements, career advice, and internships.  The center was created to carry out the goal of guaranteeing that ISME students are employable for the rest of their lives by coordinating the academic programs’ learning objectives with those of industry. We believe that continuous Employability requires an individual to consistently augment one’s inherent abilities to remain in demand.

The management of an organization involves both art and science. A management student must receive academic guidance in the classroom in order to acquire the science of management, and they must gain practical experience in a real-world environment in order to master the art of management. Every student is required to take part in the SIP for two months under guidance by professors and an industry expert because it is a vital factor of the curriculum. SIP strives to give students practical experience with how companies run while also demonstrating everything they have learned. This boosts student’s self-confidence and prepares them for the workforce.

The ISME Industry Trajectory Program (ITP) is an innovative endeavor that makes it the only business school in the nation to provide a 4-month Industry Trajectory Program in the final Year of the Program. During ITP, our students spend the first half of the day in a classroom receiving lessons, and the second half of the day is spent working with organizations to complete the projects and tasks that have been assigned to them by the company that selected them for ITP. The ITP results in hiring of graduates on a permanent basis.

All ISME students receive managerial skills development learning, which is based on a workshop model. This enables the students to realize their professional goals by covering general personality, intellectual, emotional, and human value aspects of being an effective manager. Students receive guidance in creating their resumes, discovering their strengths and weaknesses, analyzing their verbal, numerical, and logical abilities, communication skills, and body language. They also receive training in negotiation, decision-making, mock interviews, and building their resumes. As the curriculum relies on experience learning to conduct the program, business ethics and integrity, leadership, and networking skills make up the three primary elements of the knowledge delivered during MPS.

MPS Guest Lecture Prof Sriram Prabhakar Presenting Mememto to Mr Amit, TCS

MPS Guest Lecture Prof Sriram Prabhakar Presenting Mememto to Mr Amit, TCS

Mr Amit at Session

Mr Amit at Session

Ms Shikha Nag at MPS Sessions

Ms Shikha Nag at MPS Sessions

A special course called VAT (Value Added Training), which is taught during the fourth term of the program, was created by ISME based on the ITP experience and feedback. VAT develops optimistic, confident managers capable of managing challenging business situations. VAT teaches valuable skills that prepare students for the workforce. Our students will receive thoughtful planning and coaching during this program from an extraordinary group of trainers.

Our Value Added Offerings include:

  • KPMG Lean Six Sigma Certification
  • KPMG Financial Modelling Certification
  • Specialization-wise Industry Readiness Program- Advance Excel/Psychological Wellbeing/Product Pitch/Art of Networking
  • Campus to Corporate Soft Skills Program
  • Leadership Training Program
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Technical Industry Training- Cloud Computing/ Power BI/ HR Analytics/ Tech for MarkCom/ Python
  • MOOC Course Certification
  • Aptitude/Psychometric Training
PGDM VAT 2022-24

PGDM VAT 2022-24

Leadership Talk by Author Jatinder Mohan

Leadership Talk by Author Jatinder Mohan

Informal Tete-e tete for Interpersonal Skills Development

Informal Tete-e tete for Interpersonal Skills Development

KPMG VAT Session PG 2022-24

PGDM 2022-24 Batch 1 with KPMG Lean Six Sigma Trainers

ISME holds that mentoring by professionals in the industry promotes a sense of bonding that develops over time into a mutually beneficial relationship between the mentors and mentees (students). The ISME Alumni Mentoring Program emphasizes career growth and planning, entrepreneurship support, employability improvement, career transition, and work-life balance. By consistently imparting information of the industry and its requirements to the students, this effort not only enables the alumni stay in contact with the institute but also mentors the young minds to be prepared for the market.

Beyond textbooks, ISME offers journeys into the real world. Our Industrial visits unlock practical understanding. Witnessing operations firsthand, from manufacturing lines to marketing teams, breathes life into concepts learned in class. Students observe decision-making in action, grasp industry challenges, and gain invaluable insights into diverse career paths. These immersive experiences bridge the gap between theory and practice, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills. Industrial visits equip our future business leaders with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the dynamic world of commerce.


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The Career Opportunities Cell (COC) at ISME is a professionally driven team of career services experts and a placement committee with the aim of developing individuals who have all the necessary skills and an advantage in the new age jobs for the top organizations worldwide. Prestigious companies do their campus hiring every year, and the number of recruiting companies increases every year. Through campus placements, every eligible student is hired and successfully working with companies at various levels. The results of the COC department’s efforts to ensure the placements of the eligible students are demonstrated by the rising total number of offers made year over year.

Placement Team

Ms Sowmya Prasad, Head of Placements
Contact: +91 9945714112 |

Prof Mini Pillai, Professor and Training In-charge
Contact: +91 9952960866 |

Ms Neethushree, Sr. Manager- Placements
Contact: +91 6360313286 |

Mr Vinod Sreenivasan, Manager- Placements
Contact: +91 9768008445 |

Mr Praveen Ramalingam, Manager- Placements
Contact: +91 9945859971 |

Ms Neelam Bhadauria, Manager- Placements
Contact: +91 9900950376 |

Ms Mohana V, Assistant Manager- Placement Administration
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