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Literary and Communication


The Literary and Communication Club at International School of Management Excellence encourages its members to pursue their interests in the fields of literature and communication. The club is autonomous and upholds its values of student governance. The club regularly organises events that are unique and are successful in piquing the interests of young minds who wish to delve into a world of linguistic magic. The student members are active contributors to all the activities and events organised by the club. The club is a prime example of learning by experimentation. The students coordinate with each other for the elections and weekly events. Inter-disciplinary efforts are taken to ensure activities are not redundant.

Recent Activities

  1. OPEN MIC EVENT: Speak on any topic of interest
  2. PICK ‘N’ SPEAK: Speak on the topic you pick from the Jar
  3. FEATURETTE: Review of 2 award winning short films
  4. TUNE TRANCE: Review a song and the lyrics that speak to you!!
  5. SPIN A YARN: Creating a story one sentence at a time, one person at a time



Faculty In- charge: Prof.Shruthi Nanjappa(UG)

President : Dhruv Agarwal

Vice-President: K Nehal Chinnappa

Prof. Sriram Prabhakar(PG)

President – Shreshta Sameeha Gundupalli

Vice President – Hrituvik Bhojvaid