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Research writing: How to avoid plagiarism and authorship issues

S Shyam Prasad PhD Introduction One of the major activities in a business school is writing research reports and articles. For an article to excel, it needs to have good and attractive content. Besides the content being good, it also needs to avoid certain other aspects to be publishable in a reputed journal. One such […]

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Validity in the research process: An introduction

Dr S. Shyam Prasad Introduction Recently, or I feel so, there is a spurt of papers written by management students. Most of them are termed as ‘research papers’. When they are guided by able teachers, they turn out to be very interesting and a good read; they get published too. However, many students are lacking […]

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Innovation without Disruption: Is it Possible?

S. Shyam Prasad PhD Introduction Yes, It is possible! It’s a long-held myth that innovation must be disruptive. I hope that after going through this article the myth would be cleared. The credit for the concept and data for this article are attributed to an article titled “Nondisruptive Creation: Rethinking Innovation and Growth” by W. […]

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Open Innovation: What is it and What We Need to Know About it

S. Shyam Prasad PhD Introduction Most of us are knowledgeable about innovation. Yet, to enable a seamless transition from innovation to open innovation, let us first discuss innovation. Innovation as we know is something new, original and more effective or at least more efficient than the existing one. Though innovation and invention are closely related, […]

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Cent percent e-vehicle nation by 2030: A pipe dream or a prophecy?

 S. Shyam Prasad PhD. Introduction India proposes to have only electric vehicles (e-vehicles) by 2030. With the population touching to be world’s highest, what makes the country to aim for such an ambitious programme? Why is the country seems to be in a hurry to get rid of petrol/diesel vehicles? The major roads are pothole […]

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Evolving Organisations: Remembering McKinsey 7S Model

S. Shyam Prasad Ph.D Abstract In modern time, organisations want to grow fast in order to catch up with the grown-ups. They incorporate various tools and systems adopted and used by the predecessors. This may not necessarily result in achieving the intended objective. Organisations have to draw upon the McKinsey 7S model; ensure that other […]

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