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Sudindra V R Security Exchange Board of India (SEBI), regulator of Indian security market issued a show-caused notice to some of the firms which are into security market broking and advisory services. The notice states the preferential access scandal and strategy building to enhance quick profit.  Regulator has further investigated into NSE co-location space, the […]

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ESG Investing: A Futuristic Responsible Investment

Vikku Agarwal, Faculty-Finance Introduction To address the global ecological issues and in line with the Sustainable Goals of the United Nations, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) has been increasingly gaining traction. ESG is the underlying criteria of measuring financial operations and investments by the companies worldwide. ESG measures the social and ethical impact of an […]

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The Trend of Banks Banking on Chatbots

Kiran Kumar K V, Faculty, ISME, Famously called Chatbots, the Artificial Intelligence based computer programmed platforms, are seen as new-age personal financial relationship managers. In an industry, that generally perceived to be complex service, yet inevitable to consume, financial service providers are increasingly attempting a host of alternatives to make the service as much […]

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– Sudindra V R Let me ask one question, What is Case, Case Study and Caselet? I presume the collective reaction from most of the facilitators, no much dissimilarity and only depends on the magnitude of the of the case method what we use.  But the answer is no, magnitude does not matter when it […]

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Abolishing Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) in India – Arguments in Support

By: Joydeep Dass Faculty – Finance Email: Mobile: +91-9175360870 Introduction – A cash reserve ratio (CRR) is a compulsory cash reserve every bank is required to maintain with the Reserve bank of India (RBI). CRR is an effective tool of monetary control to squeeze out excess cash from the economy if the RBI feels […]

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Crowdfunding – a Potent financing proposition for India

Vikku Agrawal (Faculty- finance) Introduction: The article examines the increasing popularity of crowdfunding in India and the challenges as a strong source of raising funds for financing an objective, whether social or commercial. With the country having the largest base of Facebook users and the second largest base of internet users, there is tremendous scope […]

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Project Analysis using Excel based Financial Modelling

(Case Study – Capital Budgeting Modelling) KIRAN KUMAR K V Joe Vettin, was a senior consultant with InBank PLC, a highly preferred global investment banker. In the Corporate Consulting Division. One of the Bank’s regular client – Hynesse Ltd – a leading auto Producer in Italy is considering moving a part of its manufacturing process […]

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Data Privacy regime in India

By: Joydeep Dass Faculty – Finance Email: Mobile: +91-9175360870 Introduction – The Government of India constituted a committee under the leadership of Justice B.N Sri Krishna on August 2017. The Committee studied the issues related to data protection, recommend methods to address data privacy issues, make specific suggestions and draft a data protection bill. […]

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The anomaly of Universal Basic Income Scheme in India

             Prof.Vikku Agrawal, ISME The idea of Universal Basic Income (UBIS) has remained popularly controversial through the world for almost a decade now. Its implementation across countries has had protagonists and antagonists in the form of economists, analysts, political parties, the voters’ base, the tech entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Mark […]

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KIRAN KUMAR K V, Faculty – Finance, ISME SREENIVASA K M, BM, Kotak Mahindra Bank                         Financial Derivatives are contractual hedges designed to support the risk managing process of portfolio managers and other asset holders. As investment product financial derivatives has always been taken with a pinch of salt by the global market participants. One […]

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