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WE CARE: ISME visits Karunashraya, Bangalore

On 5th May 2011 students from International School of Management Excellence( ISME)  had an opportunity to visit Karunashraya,  a  palliative care hospice taking care of patients in terminal stage of cancer, located at Kundanahalli gate, Bangalore. ISME takes time off every year to visit the charitable organization as a part of its social responsibility. Karunashraya empathized that Caring for an advanced stage cancer patient needs understanding, a certain degree of medical skill, and most importantly, compassion and psychological support hence forth there they provide holistic support to the wretched patients suffering from leukemia and Cancer who are on the verge of death. The atmosphere of the Karunashraya is serene with greenery all around acting as a means of soothe for the desperate cancer victims.  This place provides solace and peace to the minds of those who are at terminal point of life.
Their extensive service caters to patients encompassing completely destitute to fairly rich, aged from 2 and a half to over a hundred years, practically from every Indian religion and from Indian to several foreign nationalities. Patients are rendered either private rooms or dormitories. Critical patients are housed in rooms with 24-hour attendants, while others stay in dormitories. Latest technology and equipments are used for providing palliative care. The patients are well taken care of. Hygiene and cleanliness are prime concerns in this home for the terminally ill.

Karunashraya takes care of fulfilling the desires of the patients say it from crave to eat their favourite food to get their off spring well educated. The home saw the demise of many cancer victims life’s who passed away with contend and dignity in peace.
A person from the hospice guided the ISME students during their visit. She explained how the organization works, from where they acquire funds to support all their activities and on which criteria they admit patients. This charitable organisation works with aid in cash and kind from various sponsors. Students of ISME also contributed to the organization in the form of a little money, chocolates, sweets etc. The visit to karunashraya moved the students and provoked them to realize what life is and aided in understanding why should we always celebrate this life with ecstasy.

         Krishna Madhavi Kalyanam
HR Student , ISME