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Vice President of Symphony Services addresses ISME, Bangalore.

Mr. Sameer Duggal, Vice President of Symphony Services addressed the students of ISME, Bangalore on 14th April 2012.

He talked about building successful career trajectory and the steps that can take any student from the campus of the college to pinnacle of their careers.

He stroked a chord with the students as he talked about the first jobs and the environment of the industry today. In this context he gave a typical job profile of market research in Symphony, different verticals and the career growth opportunities there.

Not losing the grip of the crowd of MBA freshers, his main focus was on expectations of today’s interviewers from the interviewees.”Breakthrough needs break within” he pointed out. This can only be done with self introspection, and gradually you can chisel yourself to success. Getting the right skills, perspective and the attitude is essential in today’s competitive world. But, most importantly the attitude of not letting go should be developed to fulfil your dreams.

In simple seven rules he explained:

1. Have something in you by which you will get noticed and it will sure get you paid you more too.

2. Put your energies in one place that will get you focused and perform well.

3. Execute well.

4. Network and create a distinguished brand value for yourself.

5. Express in order to impress.

6. Learn to manage paradoxes.

Through these points he stressed upon developing the skill sets and to have an open mind to invite as much learning as possible. He gave special focus on the importance on clear communication and having smart goals in your life.

Interaction with the students led to discussion on leadership and success stories of great people like Steve Jobs and Narayan Murthy. “A balance must there be between short term happiness and long term benefits, it pays you the most in the long run”, he said.

Winding up the session he expressed the importance of humility above everything in life.

By: Neeti Thakur.

ISME, Bangalore