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Training program by HR students at ISME, Bangalore.

HR students of ISME, Bangalore came up with a totally refreshing activity, this time involving the faculty. There was a training program conducted by the students, on stress management. Through this program the students got a chance to use the theoretical knowledge in the pursuit of training and development by conducting a program.

The trainees included Prof. Marya Wani, Prof. Raghu Raman, Prof. Swaroop Reddy, Prof. H.S.Mishra, Prof. Krishnan Iyer, Mr. Raju, and Ms. Margaret. The students did it under the guidance of Prof. Sheila Krishnan .The purpose of the training program to give the insight about the nature of stress in today’s time and the ways to battle it. The training program started with an energetic icebreaker session, by Deepak in which he briefed the trainees about the purpose and other details of the training program. He gave examples and kept the talk very informal to make everybody at ease. The ice-breaker session led to a lot of easy-interaction among the trainees. There was stress management session by the students too called ‘Stress Free Forever’ which included meditation and relaxing techniques for the trainees. The program never saw a drab moment as the next activity lined up was the ‘Communication Games’. Saumya and group conducted them with a lot of enthusiasm and everybody had a great time especially in games like ‘amnesia’ and ‘taboo’. Apart from the learning and the meaning attached to the games, the students and the faculty had a lot of fun together.

Even though it was an amateur attempt of the students to conduct a full fledged a training program, it was successful and the faculty congratulated the ISME HR team for a great planning and excellent team work. The students took back a lot of practical learning and a great feedback from everybody.

By: Neeti Thakur