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The Real Indian

This is about a day, when I went to meet my relatives after a long time. After all the formalities of greetings and meetings, the discussion started. I was the part of the discussion because of these three reasons ‘I am an MBA student, it is a well known professional degree and taken for granted, and my relative’s son has already completed his MBA from Pune and has got a job there. The discussion was about his son. He wants to get back his son from Pune to Raipur, his native place. He has already talked to the manager of his company to recruit his son. After that we went to the next level of discussion in which he talked about how the higher level management teams overproduces the goods (it’s a steel company), sell it by their own networks, and earns a huge amount of additional profit apart from the salary. He said his son can also be a part of that huge profit by joining the company.

We were having tea by the time of interval, perhaps the effect of nicotine made the discussion wider. Now, we were talking about politics. He again took charge to explain about how politicians are corrupt, how they are making black money and keeping it in Swiss banks, doing all the scams, ruining our country and the reasons our country is not growing properly etc.

This is what to be noticed…how a person can define corruption? If a person can get opportunity to earn more money by being corrupt, there is no harm in that, but if others will do the same thing, he would criticize and blame for it. He is expecting more by making his son corrupt and at the same time he wants to see our country clean. It is just an example, if we see ourselves, we find the same person. All of us talk about corruption, blame others, and want to remove it, but whenever we see our own benefits, we indulge in it.

This is the right time for us to think-

1. Where are we going and what should we go?

2. Is the greed or anything is bigger than our self values and ethics?

3. Is the devil inside is more powerful than the divine?

4. How can one think to remove corruption if he is willing to be corrupt?

5. Is that really true that most of the people are not corrupt because he has not got any opportunity for being corrupt?

“Changes can only be happen if we change internally”

By: Gaurav Kumar Verma.

ISME, Bangalore.