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Talent Management and HR Apps – The way forward!

Talent Management and HR Apps – The way forward!

Dr. Anju Kumar
The way work is done has changed radically. Mobile consumers are using mobile applications, more popularly known as apps, for various life needs. An app is a computer software used for desktops or for mobile devices. These programs can be downloaded from the internet and installed for various uses. “Enterprise IT management(EITM) is a strategy which details how organizations can transform the managementof IT to maximize business value”. HR applications are the latest in enterprise management which lets people managers to manage employees with the tap on the mobile screen. HR apps have transitioned past only transactional HR to deeper areas such as employee engagement and productivity.
HR Apps – new way to manage talent
The HR function is the first touch point and creates the brand value for new and prospective employees. The possibilities to attract, develop, motivate and retain employees are immense with the help of these apps. Mobile recruitment strategies, performance management, talent metrics , dashboards and internal communication are some other areas which can be accessed through HR apps. Research by the ADP Research Institute indicates that 37% of registered mobile users are using mobile HR applications to access pay information, compared to 23% who use desktops and laptops for this purpose. The shift is attributed to the large scale use of smartphones, which offer a very personal experience and are very useful, for the on the go generation. This also helps to push information and to pull responses from employees in an effective manner. Automated and digital solutions help the organizations save 22% on process jobs. App based HR functions also facilitate a smother and faster interaction with employees.
The below six apps are popular apps used by HR professionals

This app takes care of the on boarding function of the organization. Workbright assists in the online process functions of the on boarding journey and communicates what to expect in the new role for new employees, saving up on several costs for the HR team.
The Learning and development function tends to become mundane when a theory has to be read over and tested for a score. This is made more interesting by Quodeck, by making games out of the tests required. Here employees can win points, can compete within And outside of teams . This creates interest in the learning process
Hiring is a challenging process for all HR professionals. Linkedin is a social media platform where professionals have well crafted profiles. The profiles detail out all the achievements and recruiters get to know prospective candidates in a in-depth manner. The cha
t & mail features also help both sides reach out to each other and have a meaningful conversation before they decide on functional meetings. Linkedin also helps build a right fitment for employees and helps in making meaningful careers.
Workstyle tests employees’s personality traits, which predicts an employees ability to gel well with teams and create a cohesive culture. Hiring is a very chance-based process. Despite all possible checks & attempts, there is a gut factor which comes into play.While hiring mistakes can happen and sometimes undeserving candidates can be hired. This incurs costs. Several tests and models help the HR team to take an informed decision.
Zenefits is an app which   takes up all the roles of employee records, hierarchy structures, payroll management and any other function which can be done via a procedure. The HR team can devote time for better employee engagement, interactions and developing the general work culture of the organization.
Communications forms the backbone of any organization. Yammer makes it possible to engage in effective intra-office and inter-office conversations and helps coordinate and improve better personal relationships. Yammer comes with a dashboard with features for tracking, recording and maintaining effective communication channels and helps the HR team in monitoring and tracking internal communication.
The above mentioned apps are not exhaustive. These are apps which can be used in the HR domain. HR apps are redefining the way work is getting done. It can also act as a differentiator for employees. The advantage of mobile app-based HR management is that, it not only hastens the activities of HR but also helps attract a younger tech-savvy workforce. This is the way forward to managing talent and creates value by reducing monotony and fast tracking the time required for HR activities.
Teaching Notes
Relevant facts in this case let?
1.       Application based software’s are the way forward to attracting, maintaining and managing talent.
2.       Apps are used extensively and have advantages for the HR Team.
3.       There are several apps with different functional strengths.
4.       Apps help in creating the brand value for new employees
1.       How do apps redefine the way HR professionals work?
2.       What according to you are the two highlights of using apps?