Finance Finesse 2016 @ ISME

Finance Finesse 2016 was a finance fest held for ISME students of finance specialization. Consisted of multiple events, that were designed to fine-tune the understanding of finance concepts and provide an opportunity to apply the same in practical environment. –         #Being Bullish – Teams were to create a stock portfolio that makes the maximum profit in the given day –          #ETcetera – Teams were to search […]

NBA Workshop @ ISME

As part of its constant strive to keep the student learning process contemporary, purposeful and industry-suitable, ISME management had organised a half-day NBA Workshop for the academic staff on the 14th April 2016. Dr. K N Subramanya, Principal and Professor of R V College of Engineering, Bangalore, with his rich experience in getting various academic institutions getting accredited by National Board of Accreditations (NBA), steered the whole discussion. As this […]

Brainstorming on “Quality Processes in Academic Institutions” @ ISME

A brainstorming session on “Quality Processes in Academic Institutions” was held at ISME on 13th April 2016 with Delegates from various academic institutions/universities of Bangladesh being invited by UGC in association with Management Teachers Consortium (MTC Global). The session begun with Dr. Swaroop Reddy (Principal – ISME) presenting the quality processes followed by ISME and how each process element is well-thought-through in delivering the desired outcomes in student learning, research and […]