Not Greenwash-Just Green Jobs!

                                         Not Greenwash-Just Green Jobs!   By Prof. Anju Kumar ISME Introduction  Nothing is constant but change! An often quoted phrase which has more relevance in today’s time and age. The pace of change has accelerated with the shift to a green economy, redefining the labour markets and need for better […]

Reconsidering Plastics……..

Reconsidering Plastics…….. By Prof. Anju Kumar ISME Introduction: There is a huge wave of urbanization, affecting the whole world. Urbanization as we know is linked to modernization, industrialization and rationalization. Urban development is a logical coherent system constituting social, economic, cultural and physical development of cities.  As a consequence of urbanization, global population has increased tremendously resulting in a huge demand for food and other essentials. This results in an […]