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Sports Day at ISME, Bangalore 17th and 18th Dec11

Once again ISME, Bangalore came up with a refreshing activity to break the monotony.This time it was the Sports Day which got very enthusiastic with the mixture of young blood of ISME on one side and the experienced matured people on another. This was the time when both faculty members and students took a break from their regular work and participated in games like Volleyball and Cricket. The Volleyball match was played on 17th December in the college premises, where there were girl’s team match and the faculty members’ team vs. the boy’s team’s match. Student’s team won the match. Next day it was cricket which was held at Ujwal Vidyalaya Ground, near Hope farm junction. Everybody played well and boys of Section B won the match.Girls played with the faculty team,led by the director Mr.Nitin Garg.Other recreational games were Kho-Kho, Needle Race, Track Events including (relay 400mt.)

Overall, these two days were a refreshing break for the students and faculty members. It was an event of sportsmanship displayed with renewed vigor for the entire ISME family.
Kudos and three cheers to all the winners & participants.

By: Trishita Majumder

Video by Lijindev