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Smart ways to make money online: A gig worker perspective – Prof. Raveesh R

1st June 2024

Technology has found its way into every facet of our life, from making our social lives easier to launching our entrepreneurial goals. As a freelancer, gig worker, or small business owner, you may take advantage of the internet’s limitless opportunities by using a website builder and growing your reach. And by that, we mean business opportunities. Whether you’re an educator, writer, web designer, or aspiring influencer, my guide to making money online will teach you tried-and-true strategies that have worked for many. 

1. Advertise on your website.  

Simply having your own business website allows you to begin earning passive revenue. Building a website that produces money online requires only a few steps. First, select one of many professionally designed website designs, register a domain name, and receive free website hosting. Then you may start thinking about the numerous ways to monetize your website.  

Online advertising has repeatedly proven to be effective. You can use Google AdSense to display advertisements on your website. This method is quite simple because Google matches advertising to your site based on content and visits, and it is free.  

02. Design websites.  

Designing websites can be a great way to make money, whether you have experience or are a natural at it. Indeed, since the sector expands at a rapid pace, web designers are in high demand. However, in order to stand out, you must first establish a name for yourself. Working with the proper clientele will help you improve your web design portfolio and demonstrate your abilities.  

So, you may be asking yourself, “How do I find my ideal customer?” Joining a reputable online marketplace for web designers is the most effective method to begin getting qualified leads. 

03. Start a blog.  

The great thing about blogging is that you can write about anything as long as people are interested in reading it. After some time, your free blog will generate website visitors and provide monetization chances. This is one of the reasons blogging makes an excellent digital profession.  

When it begins to take off and acquire an audience, it will be the ideal moment to investigate the several revenue-generating alternatives available to successful bloggers. For example, you can use Google AdSense to advertise on your blog or sell subscriptions to devoted followers in exchange for exclusive access to your material. 

04. Start an internet store.  

Online shopping has become linked with convenience. As a result, individuals are buying more products online than ever before. You may get a piece of this lucrative e-commerce pie by starting your own online store. Choose an e-commerce website builder that includes comprehensive business features like secure payment and checkout, shipping and marketing tools, and shop analytics to help you run your business.   Launching an internet store involves beginning your own business, so be prepared. First and foremost, you will need to test all of your company ideas before releasing them to the public. Conduct some market research and seek input from friends and family. 

05. Offer paid memberships.  

The truth is that there are ways to earn money online that can benefit your business. One of these is to incorporate a membership area within your website. The aim is to offer paid membership to your site in exchange for access to special benefits.   

Regardless of the numerous membership models available, they all share a common goal: to turn site visitors into paying customers. By including a member’s section on your website, you may provide premium online services, in-depth guides, downloadable material, and even build a VIP lounge utilizing various Forum, where members can easily join and start discussions about common interests. 

06. Sell secondhand items  

We all keep that luggage beneath the bed. It could be full of clothes you don’t wear anymore, Legos, or your original trainers. While you may have outgrown them, many of these cherished objects are still too valuable to discard on the street. Rather, you may free up room and make some money by selling these products used. Get on eBay or Amazon, set the asking price for your items, and then sit back, relax, and watch the offers flow in. 

07. Sell photos.  

               If you’re a photographer, why not make the most of your skills by starting your own photography website and selling your images online? It may take some promotion and a little bit of patience, but if you already have a large photo collection, you can focus most of your efforts on branding and marketing. In addition, companies like Shutterstock, iStockPhoto and Shutterfly are willing to make use of your creative snaps. You can become a paid contributor to any of these stock photo platforms by submitting your best content via their site. 

08. Offer print-on-demand.  

As a designer seeking for methods to earn money online, you’ve definitely considered selling your own products. This allows you to kill two birds with one stone, increasing awareness while also producing a consistent stream of revenue. But how would you do it? Print on demand is a low-risk way to sell your designs on bespoke t-shirts, posters, and books. It removes the headache of purchasing and managing inventories. All you have to do is connect your online store to a print-on-demand service and select the things you want to offer, such as clothes, homeware, prints, or accessories.  

09. Write online reviews.  

It may be far-fetched, but some companies will pay you simply for testing out a product or reviewing goods or services. It can also be highly beneficial for you. Check out companies like User Testing as an example. Credibility goes a long way in the online world, which means brands are willing to pay a lot of money for your honest opinion.  

10. Publish an eBook  

               If blogging has ignited your interest in creative writing, consider authoring and selling an eBook. Whatever your theme, utilize your eBook to tell your tale, provide suggestions, or impart knowledge. You may even repurpose your blog content into an eBook, which will undoubtedly pique the interest of your current audience.  Thanks to technology improvements, you can self-publish online (Kindle direct publishing is one example), letting you to avoid nerve-racking pitch sessions with frightening publishing houses. Begin by looking out these professional writing templates.  

11. Create video tutorials.  

This is another type of video material, however it differs slightly from vlogging. Starting a YouTube channel where you review items or offer training is another excellent option to make money online. It may take some editing skills (and good lighting), but once you’ve built a decent audience, you’ll begin to see the money. How does this work?  

Well, the more followers you have, the more probable it is that firms will send you things to review or compensate you for product placement. There are many platforms that can be used for this purpose, video allows you to exhibit your videos on your website.  

Making money quickly online is doable, but not easy. There are numerous ways to earn money online, but the most of them need time and work to establish a following or audience.  

Some quick ways to generate money online include freelance employment, online surveys, gaming, and investment.  If you want to make money online quickly, you should be realistic about your expectations. There is no easy way to generate money online, and the majority of ways that promise quick cash are scams. 

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