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Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Growth of HRM as a Function of Management

Shurlly Tiwari – Asst. Prof, HR; ISME

In the field of Human Resource, where the people and processes are used to ensure a company’s growth, AI plays an important role in giving the best out of the employees, by using different tools.
What is Artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a pattern recognition, which is used in resource matching. It is the theory and development of computer system with ability to perform tasks which normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision –making and translation between languages. It also has ability to learn from its mistakes.
In the current scenario of business –  forecasting, AI plays an important role in developing future strategies; and in the field of Human Resource Management, where HRIS, HRP and HR analytics is coming up in big way. Artificial Intelligence is helping in making the processes easy.
AI used different tools in diverse fields like, Pattern recognition in Resource matching ¸ Software testing, geophysicist, Software quality testing, Quality assurance, Regression testing, Formative evaluations.
Artificial intelligence helps to understand relationships between jobs, skills and people. AI Plays a major role in easing out the process of recruitment, in BPO industry where recruitment is one of the critical drivers of the Business.
BPO’s work on bulk recruitment where AI helps the organisation and also   plays an important role in its process.
What makes AI important to resource Discovery
By the introduction of AI, HR department is able to analyse workforce trends, which includes the changing ways of employee work, the new working patterns were analysed of the workforce, and the patterns are related to Businesses. These new patterns also help the management to figure out the most efficient employee as well as the mediocre employees. Such patterns help in easing out the performance appraisal processes by helping to make the process free of biases.
An authentic as well as fair judgement about the employee performance helps the management to identify Hi-PO and Hi- Per employees which supports in the function of promotions and transfers. where directly or indirectly career planning and succession planning is implanted in a positive manner.
AI helps in DATA TRENDS –  Data trends are the new and different information about the employees, if we go by the traditional way of HR management and don’t incorporate the new methods and technology the growth process will slow down, and even the failures will increase. Thus AI collects the new and upcoming trends and makes suggestions to the team for the new processes and it also makes analysis and states the predictions of profit or loss for the future.
COMPANY TRENDS –  By introducing Artificial intelligence in the Business World, we not only change  the processes and departments but also the entire companies were forced to change. New, innovative and creative ways were introduced, processes which were more efficient and intelligent are introduces, cost effectiveness and people effectiveness was emphasised and better results are observed.
JOB TRENDS Introduction of all these parameters and AI brought considerable number of multidimensional skills and backgrounds. Earlier Dual skill specialisation was a trend but after the introduction of AI and its acceptance Multi-dimensional skills are in demand and employees are also able to cater to the need of the organisations.
For developing multidimensional skills, Organisations are also emphasising MOOCS and SPOCs. This not only helps the employees to develop their potential but also helps the organisation in saving the money on Recruitment and Selection processes, and indirectly also helping the HR department in the development of the employees. With the help of MOOCS and SPOCS not only the upskilling of employees has become easy but also the multitasking has come to the employees on easy cost.
AI technology allows people to work wherever, whenever they want to.
It helps employees build their own things.
It increases the potential, creativity and innovativeness of the employee.
It has changed the perspective of the employer towards its employee, now more emphasis on the development of the employee is given.
People want to work more independently but still be the part of Team.
Data explosion has occurred, more access to the information is there, Big Data movement is too much “talk of the Town” and at the end it empowered the Business to do predictive Analytics.
COMPANY TREND –  AI is helping the organisations in lessening the role of the corporation. it makes the processes error free which lessens the burden of fewer safety nets.
It pushes the organisations to make the resources just in time, which helps in developing the time efficiency of the organisation.
These trends will help the organisations in locating the staff, convincing them to work for the organisation. suggesting different and new ways to the organisation for the employee development and innovative methods in investing in them, and eventually once the changes are incorporated in the system it will call for a new education system and will incorporate a new thinking and new styles of management.
AI will also help in discovering the new capabilities, by finding the hidden patterns, translating uncommon terms and identifying them, it will help the system to get smarter and will create less obvious matches which will not rely on consistency.
AI will enable both Sourcing Professionals and Job seekers. Sourcing professionals will increase their efficiency with the help of AI, difficult skills can be worked out easily, vacancies will be cropped on new fertile fields and employee skill matching can be done more proficiently.
Whereas, Job seekers will find better Skill matchings, job changing will become much more easy and efficient and the seeker will also get a skill direction.
AI will help in several ways in the future for HR like it will help in Track employee engagement, support employee development, match employees to skills, policy tracking, skill verification, back ground checks, Job fit, Employee referrals Network and Talent Discovery.
Especially in the recruitment role AI has proved its importance, according to a data, finding the talent is actually finding the needle in a Haystack, over 1 million profiles 9000 skills catalogues and out of 200,000 job Descriptions 14000 are actual jobs and 2000 Job Clusters.
The future Organisations will have very less number of employees. Majority of them will either be virtual employees or on-line employees (working on project basis) and work from home teams. one of the data represents that in US 77% of population uses the internet and 62% of internet users have a Facebook or linked in profiles, which helps them to connect directly or indirectly with the employers and help them to get an on-line or off-line jobs.
The average social media user in the US has about 200 connections.
So, if you have 1000 employees, that translates to a network of 95,480 people you could be reaching.
AI also helps in clustering and co-clustering through link –analysis across sets, the job titles are linked with skills for e.g. Software testers can be linked with petro physicists or geophysicists or geoscientists.
·         AI is a growing force and is being used by Linked in, indeed career builder and others to improve resource discovery.
·         AI can find the Grey squirrel the one that is an improbably perfect fit.
·         AI makes you smarter and is a perfect tool for unstructured, out of context data.
·         But, increased used of AI will reduce the power of Brain in the long run.
·         Too much dependency on AI can actually kill the organisation culture and will also create a lot of problems in future.
·         There are very less means of rechecking the data provided by AI, so how much data is a good data is tough to identify.
·         If everything of AI is to be believed then, if any wrong assumption or data is interpreted then the results can also go wrong for the future.
·         Too much dependency can also cause addictions and accidents.

So, AI is a good tool it makes the life of a manager easy but, there has to be a limit for its use and for its applications in different fields.