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Quiz Competition- ISME, Navi Mumbai

On 7th of November 2011 Monday, our college campus witnessed a new and innovative quiz competition. The name of the quiz was “Communication and Soft Skills Development Quiz”. In which there were three rounds (1) Preliminary round (2) Semi Final and (3) Final. The quiz was organized by literary club members Manisha Gathala, Siddhartha Singh & Thushara Vasudevan.
8 teams participated in the competition. In the first round common grammar, nouns, pronouns, comparatives & superlatives, articles & sentence correction abilities were tested. And then 6 teams were selected for the semi-final round. In this round the questions asked were based on speaking abilities and pronunciations, sentence formation and fluency in English along with the level of vocabulary used.
Our team passed both the rounds and finally selected for the final round along with two other teams. It was very good experience for us. In this round Subject-Verb Agreement and interpretation of the unseen passage was tested. And then the result was announced. We were the winners in the quiz competition, that is to say I and my team-mate Trushna Sampat, with 13 points.
-by Chandni Shah