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Empty was the hand that was born.
Carrying nothing, it moves on.
How much did it try to usurp
As its own, of what was on the earth?
That which existed before it came
But was consumed, reduced to flame;
Desecrating mother from whose womb
it came; turning earth into a tomb?
Here lies buried life of the future,
Its hopes interred, along with nature;
Buried with this generation
Is a lot of Godโ€™s creation.
Though mere guests who are passing through
Staying for a minute, no more,
We plunder too much of earthโ€™s store;
More than it can afford, much more!

Dinesh Gopalan

(Dinesh Gopalan is a member of the National Advisory Board of ISME. He holds an MBA from IIMA and has over 20 years’ experience in the corporate finance functions of several companies. He writes on varied subjects, with a special emphasis on personal finance. He blogs at )