Recruiter Quotes

1. “We are associated with ISME for the last 3 years. We have recruited students for Internship and for full time job positons. The students are hardworking and have exhibited utmost professionalism. We are impressed with the knowledge and skills the students possess. We congratulate ISME for imparting quality education and look forward to long term association. ”

Ravi Kumar
Head HR-Feedback Consulting

2. “Mu Sigma has a truly fruitful partnership with ISME – we have recruited fantastic talent from ISME who continue to grow in our organization and add tremendous value to our DNA. The work ethic, cultural DNA, quality of education delivered at ISME is helping mould students into leaders, and we look forward to a sustainable partnership with ISME”  

Hashir Sitheekh
Head of Founder & CEO Office Mu Sigma

3. “As Vice President, Transformation with Deutsche Bank, I was witness to the capabilities par excellence of ISME post graduates, who helped us complete high impact Six Sigma Black Belt projects with tough deadlines.

I am certain that in the years to come, the students of ISME will be the driving force for not only the corporate India but also global economy as a whole.

Amitabh Saxena, CEO, Anexas, Europe
Ex-Vice President, Deutsche Bank, India.

4. “ISME students are a role model for new Business School in India. They are exposed to industry also and they get lot of practical inputs through case method as a panelist I have seen their creativity in analyzing business cases, simulation and also presentation skills. They have competitive spirit and some students literally transformed from passive and submissive personality to active and assertive individuals. ISME promotes student teamwork with group-tasks and no wonder the institute has grown 3 times in strength within 2 years of inception due to the vision and perseverance of its founders and Directors. I wish all the best for the growth and reputation of ISME.”

Managing Director & CEO, Starragheckert.

5. “Over the last couple of years, we have hired research analysts from ISME and our experience has been very good. These individuals have been great additions to our teams – they are bright, smart, have very good analytical skills and have also demonstrated sound problem solving skills. ISME grooms its students and prepares them to be able to easily slip into the corporate environment and become valuable, productive resources.”

Shoma Bakre, Ex-Managing Partner
Empower Research

6. “It has been very rewarding to work with ISME over the past few years. The students have always come well-prepared for interviews at our campus, and exhibit the highest level of decorum that convinces us to select them.

I must particularly mention that all the students who have joined us from your institute have displayed, right from the start, a keen sense of attention to detail, good thought process, and a sense of ownership in every assignment allotted to them, and a healthy attitude to learning. At Symphony Marketing Solutions, these are vital attitudes that guarantee the quality of our output and growth in the scope of work we handle. Their exposure to the Six Sigma process only makes it better as they are aligned to the organization’s vision at an early stage of their tenure in the organization.

I have no doubt that yours students in my organization will stand out as high-performers and be awarded a fast-track growth in their careers with SMS. ISME is definitely tuned-in to the evolving needs of the corporate world, and I look forward to a continued working relationship with your institute for my Talent requirements.”

Kumar Venkatraman, Country Manager, HR, Hewlett Packard,
(Ex-Sr. Vice President, Symphony Marketing Solutions )

7. “This is the first year we visited ISME for our campus recruitment. The entire placement program was very professionally managed and the campus premise was remarkable. The students had good knowledge of their subjects and came well prepared for the interviews. These students have been great assets to our teams. They are open to learning and take onus of the work assigned to them. The students have settled down really well in the organization and have brought with them a sense of energy and enthusiasm.

ISME has groomed its students well for the corporate world and we wish them all the success ahead. We certainly look forward to visiting ISME again next year and meeting with the students.”

Bijal Sheth, General Manager Information Operations
Unilever Industries Pvt. Ltd

8. “I am glad to share that the Management Trainees recruited from ISME during the last year come with the right attitude and aptitude to the corporate world. They have exhibited their knowledge and expertise required for the job and I am confident that they will prove themselves to be very successful in our organization. In my opinion, these young budding Managers are our future business leaders to take our country to the next level in the changing global business environment.

We are glad to be associated with ISME in their Campus Placement Program me and wish all present and future students the very best and I am confident that they would be placed in the best of organisations and would carve a niche for themselves in this competitive business work environment.

B.Venkataramana, Chief People Officer
Landmark Group India(Lifestyle, Max, Spar, Citymax)

9. “British Biologicals has been hiring some of the brightest minds from colleges around the country to work as marketing professionals; to build an organization where innovation and creativity is encouraged at all levels. In a competitive world when companies are looking at hiring candidates who have been practically trained and ready to go to the field, ISME has been doing a good job in providing the industry Job Ready Candidates. This saves the job of a recruiting company a lot of time and money as the candidates have the necessary skills and the ability to accept challenges from the Day One.

For the last two years, ISME has been able to source our requirements for the Criticare Division through Campus placement. These candidates are not only smart but are well informed professionals ready to take up the demanding needs of the corporate world. We Wish ISME all Success.”

BV Srinivas, General Manager, Criticare Division
British Biologicals

10. “I take immense pleasure in attesting our association with ISME.

Academically, ISME has been providing students with strong background to compete with others from the larger public institutions. We have ISME pass-outs, employed with us, who have a good sense of professionalism and are efficient learners and workers. I wish ISME good luck, so that they can keep up the good work and grow further.”

Krishna Kumar, Founder & CEO

11. “Over the past two years we have hired four students of ISME in the Structured Finance Team and one student back in 2009. All of them have been doing extremely well and two of them have got promoted to Consultants this year. These students have been able to not only learn and execute great quality work but are able to demonstrate and live EY values.

I believe these values are instilled in school and college and I think ISME has played a key role in developing these values. I would like to see more students from ISME joining our team in the coming years.”

Prashanth B Kuttuva | Executive Director | FSRM I GTH Advisory
Ernst & Young LLP

12. “We are pleased with quality of candidates from ISME and with their efforts in diligently qualifying and presenting the most appropriate candidates in a timely manner. We have found the candidates from ISME having good subject knowledge and analytical skills which makes them good fit for our business requirements.

We liked Students’ track record in their current roles and we hope they will add a lot of value to our organization moving forward.”
We wish ISME and its student community all the very best!

Sudeep Singh Rathore
Sr.Manager- Global Sales, Magnasoft Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.

13. “A key ingredient of a knowledge worker is the ability to think on their feet and the ‘fire in the belly’ that will keep them driven. The students of ISME have shown that these qualities are part of their working culture both as a student (during internship) and as a corporate citizen at IDC.”

Mr.Venu Reddy
General Manager, International Data Corporation.

14. “Our relationship with ISME is growing stronger as we pass each year. We appreciate the hard work the institution takes in grooming and creating future business leaders who are passionate, competent and ready to take on any challenge ahead. All students have exhibited tremendous commitment to work and have excelled in their portfolio in a very short span of time. We would definitely like to increase our engagement with ISME in the upcoming years too.”

Suveen S
Deputy General Manager (HR), NxtGen Datacenter and Cloud Technologies Pvt Ltd

15. “ISME has been of great support for our campus hiring needs, our association has been from 2015 and we have hired students from the PG streams of Marketing & Finance. The overall aspects of candidates from ISME is better than most campuses we visit or hire from. Right from the interview stage and post joining, the students do well. The students and the placement committee are very co-operative during the whole process. We hope for a long standing professional relationship with this institution and wish the staff and students all the best in all the endeavours.”

Shankar Raman S
Deputy Manager (HR), WNS Global Services (P) Ltd