On 29th October, The Literary Club organized a “Picture Interpretation Test” testing the thematic apperception ability of the students. The whole class was divided into five groups of three students each and one group of two members while the members of The Literary Club did not participate in the same. There were three rounds in the contest.
In the 1st round six photographs were shown and each group had to interpret the picture and write an explanation for it. In the 2nd round five slides were there and each group had to identify the picture and solve a query based on the same. 3rd round was the puzzle round and each group has to use the buzzer for answering the puzzle. There were ten puzzles.
The winners of the contest were decided by the judges who were from the literary club itself. Marks were allotted for each round and questions and the group who got the highest score were declared as winners.
The team named “Victorious”, whose members were Jatin Katara and Vibhati Singh stood 1st in the competition. All in all, the event was a success and all the students are very excited about the initiative taken by the Literary Club and we look forward for other events to be organized.
-by Jatin Katara
Literary Club Member
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