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Panel Discussion on 07th October 2012 as part of Alumni Day celebration.

Panel Members : Irshan Siddiqui, Manju Kapoor, Shank Rawal, Richa Sharma, Pooja Devanand & Tushar Roy. Coordinated by Prof. Krishnan. 
Topic : Corporate expectations and overcoming the challenges at corporate scenario.
Irshan Siddiqui : He shared his view as a part of Flipkart, as a startup co Was of the view that corporate expects you to learn on the job and able to perform. It is the word juggad which is very important – just get the job done. The corporate expect you to achieve more than 100%. We have to understand the industry we are in and learn from it to predict what the company expects us to do , why any decision is made etc. 
Manju Kapoor : With 3 years of experience, working with Micro excel, was of opinion that we should learn through our mistakes. Learning never ends and we have to learn always like a student. We are expected to get organized all over, plan all your activities in advance. She was of a firm view that corporate expects every management student to prove their MBA by way of their performance and not just by a certificate. To achieve success we have to ask questions, be focused on job and target and punctual. 
Shashank Rawal : with his working experience with Henkel India as Sales Engineer, brought about the requirement of relevant experience. Corporate expects us to have relevant knowledge. Hence he was of the opinion that we should invest time in getting relevant knowledge and experience. Students should be quite clear about their course which they have studied. He also opinioned that we have to be sincere and no excuses to be given for not able to perform and always look at positive aspects. 
Richa Sharma : working as HR, talent appraisal with Lifestyle International of Landmark Group was of the opinion that the expectation of corporate changes from time to time and place to place. We have to mold our self to the need of the business. We have to understand what we are supposed to do. They look at what value we are adding to the company in the given timeline. Very importantly to go by TO DO schedule. She also supported the fact that we should be ready to learn and re learn and make it as a continuous process. 
Pooja Devanand : Her experience with Yahoo! as a creative analyst, has given a very short and sweet advice of corporate expectation. Clear and simple English communication, net working ability and comfort with Excel operations. These 3 expectation if met automatically we can overcome any difficulty we may face in the organization. 
Tushar Roy : Tushar with his experience with Deloitte opinioned about the corporate expecting you to prove your worth. To have good interpersonal skills, time management, prioritizing the task. Not to expect a good trainer always and to learn from the job itself. He was also insisting on relationship building at the organization. Very clearly not to expect any spoon feeding from the organization or top brass. 
Going by the views it is clear that we should do good research before getting in to any organization. Much before we should learn the art of networking and relationship building, develop our communication skills by reading. As Pooja said reading does not just mean some news paper or magazine it can be any book or article or news of our interest in English. The corporate expects all the Management grads to have punctuality. You should know to prioritize your work, by having a TO DO list on daily basis. Be attentive in class and understand the concepts strongly, and ask right questions whether in Class or in the working parlance. Always on learning mode and be ready to grasp any new thing which come our way. No body is perfect but as management grads you should be able to observe and take in all positive aspects and develop yourself to grow in the organization and become successful in life. 
Prof. Krishnan.
Head Industry Interface