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Date : 28.8.2015

Mr. Ashok Madaravally, Deputy Director, NASSCOM was addressing the audience of pioneer event organised by ISME jointly with ‘StartupCurators’, and referred to the prospects for startups in the coming future. He highlighted the optimistic objective set by NASSCOM to set up at least 10000 startups by 2020 in India. He also talked about how well the ecosystem is created to encourage startup ideas and the manner in which NASSCOM would be involved to assist potential ideas to get executed into a venture.

AHAAN 2015
On 7th of November, 2015, Saturday, ISME Cultural Club Organized the Cultural Day “AHAAN 2015” on occasion of Diwali. “AHAAN” stands for ray of light so the title of the cultural day was ‘AHAAN 2015’ which was appropriate for Diwali, as Diwali is a festival of lights. There were many intra collegiate cultural competitions in AHAAN where students participated from both the batches PGDM 2016 as well as PGDM 2017. The competitions were all held in the ISME campus itself starting from morning 10:30am and followed till 5 O’clock in the afternoon same day, followed by DJ evening from 5:30pm onwards till 8pm. The Cultural events and competitions at AHAAN 2015 were as follows:

1. Musical Art Competition

2. Rangoli Competition

3. Best out of Waste Competition

4. Karaoke Competition

5. Acapella and Junk-yard Jam

6. Tableau

Graduation Ceremony
Place: The Zuri, ITPL Main Road, Whitefield, Bengaluru
Date: 28 Feb 2015
NGO Visit- 4th Feb 2015
Students with a teacher visited Swanthana Centre, the place seemed to be surrounded by a different environment consisting of selfless service and sacrifice. Students presented them with cash, food items and clothes which were specially collected and carried for them. We interacted with these special children, played and spent quality time with them. The nuns & lady helpers are taking care of these kids like their own who are living in their own precious world. They seemed to be so happy in their own world and their innocent faces reflected their ignorant bliss from a world filled with greed and selfishness.

Sports Day- 1St Feb 2015
The Sports Day gave students an opportunity to interact with other friends and work as a team to win the matches. The day started with boys Volleyball match, followed by a relay race for the girls. After this were the Three-legged race, a Shot Put event and then a Throw ball match for the girls.
Meanwhile, the boys were enjoying their cricket match. Dheeraj and Kashish showed amazing commentary skills and added much fun and humor to the cricket match. The day ended on a positive.

National Conference on “Emerging Trends in Management – Theory & Practice.” 17 Jan 2015
The Chief Guest, Dr. N.M. Agrawal, Adjunct Professor, IIMB spoke on the conference theme and highlighted talked about talent management in the knowledge economy. After the welcome address by ISME Director Prof. Nitin Garg, Dr. Ramesh G. Tagat (academic mentor) provided an overview of the conference theme and set the tone for the event. Mr. Avinash Kulkarni( Hitachi Data System) and Mr. Arun Thakur(Info Vision) provided their industry perspective.
The conference was resounding success with active participation from the academia and the industry. A total of thirty five quality papers were received and 20 papers were presented at the event.

Panel discussion on 15th November 2014

“Changing Opportunities and Challenges in Marketing “ The speakers were senior managers and leaders in the corporate world including Mr. V. Vasantha Kumar(Director-Marketing and Communication, IBM-India and South Asia), Mr. Ranjan Samanta ( TVS Motors), Mr. Sudhendra Dankanikote (Head- Sales and Marketing, ABS Logics), Mr. Prasanth Thaker( Group Manager, EBI, Target India), Mr. Gagan Singla (Chief Marketing Office, Simplilearn) and Mr. L. N. Mishra( Head-Sales & Solutioning, Adaptive Process Consulting).

Eye test camp-14 October 2014
Free eye check-up camp for students, faculties and staff was organized at ISME campus by THE EYE FOUNDATION. Dr Da Silva, counsultant and center head of Cornea and Refractive surgery gave a talk on technological advances in field of surgery “Eye Care”, and the importance of eye donation.

Alumni Day 13th September 2014
The Alumni Day celebration was a grand success with the 100+ alumni turning up and being entertained by cultural events organized by the current batch! It was filled with vibrant colors, dance and music eliciting a mutual feeling of nostalgia, bonhomie and the joy of reuniting with the ISME family!

Teachers’ Day 5th September, 2014
The current batch made this day a very memorable one for their faculty and staff by conveying their love and respect through poems, presentations &citations.

August 14th, Fresher’s Day celebrations
The cultural evening was an outstanding show of talent by the new batch that was exhibited through skits, dancing and singing that had the theme of Independence Day being highlighted!

28th July, New Batch Inauguration
The Inauguration of the new PGDM batch of 100+ students was a high profile event with the participation of all board members, corporate invitees along with Chairman, Director & the Chief Guest – Dr. N. R. Shetty from NITTE, Bangalore.

3rd August, 2014, Bangalore Visit
The new batch went on a Bangalore sightseeing trip that introduced the newcomers, to the beautiful garden city, greenery interspersed with modernity in the form of Malls, Multiplexes and Cafes.

Guest Lecture

14th July 2015
Mr. Arun Thakar, Senior Vice-President of Big Data Infovision addressed ISME students on the topic “Big Data Overview covering Landscape of Technologies”. He used case studies to demonstrate the changing dynamics of data mining and the challenges of the new-age technology companies. He shared his experiences from the fields of credit risk analysis, targeted marketing and other analytical projects and linked the same to customer satisfaction to explain his perspectives.

04th August 2015
Ms. Monica Samuel, Social Media Expert, Freelance Digital Marketer and Trainer from Web Marketing Academy addressed the marketing students of ISME and presented an account of the digital marketing to the marketing agencies. She explained how travel and tourism agencies were traditionally skeptical on social media fit with their promotion strategies and the way the perspectives have changed in the past five years thanks to improved internet coverage and e-commerce popularity

18th August 2015
Mr. K P M Das, Vertical Expert – National Security and Defence, CISCO addressed the HR students on the topic – “Rules of Leadership”. With examples from his experience with the military forces and the corporate arena, his takes on leadership provided differing approaches to students, beyond what they would have studied in their subjects.

20th February 2015
Mr. Sujoy Chakravarty is the founder and CEO of Silab Tech Private Limited. He explained  regarding the challenges which he faced in his life when he started his career and how that helped him cross adversities and give him a new identity. He also gave some practical advice about how to start off on a new venture, how to identify opportunities, stay close to our values at the same time and make work enjoyable and a nice journey for other also.

10th February 2015 on “Women Leadership” and “Corporate Women and Their Challenges”
Dr. Anju Jain. She spoke on many important topics, like how the spouse plays an important role and how essential it is to share a common vision, how should we express and communicate emotions and challenges in a corporate lifestyle, and many more.

4th Dec 2014
Mr Srikanth Bhagavat, Managing Director & Principal Advisor of Hexagon Capital Advisors Pvt. Ltd had addressed the class on the topics “ Monetary Policy and its effect on business & economy.

21st October 2014
Mr J Jessy Christin, Associate Director – Human Resources of NETTUR TECHNICAL TRAINING FOUNDATION spoke to students on the topic `How to have a successful career?’ Mr Jessy stressed upon students how to follow their passion and choose job like hobby. He gave some very useful and practical tips how to network & develop skills.

2nd September 2014
Ms Shalini Dutta Country Head HR of V Hire 4 U addressed the students on the topic Scope of the HR function in a company & also cover the competencies of an effective Sales Professional.

14th May 2014
Mr.Prateek Mishra, Advocate Consultant, MMB Legal had addressed the class on the topics “Corporate Law, Information act, Customer protection Act and Indian Patent Act”

21st April 2014
Ms Sowmyashree Padhi, HR, Sr Manager from First Advantage addressing the class on “How to crack interviews.”

18th April 2014
Mr Kailash Rathi, Managing Partner of addressed the class on the topic”Entrepreneurship & Guidance to Career Path.”

3rd April 2014
Mr Amitabh Saxena, ISME Board member sharing his experience with the students.

4th November 2014
Dr. Sibichen Mathew,Advisor of TRAI- Discussed on Telecommunication Growth Of India and introduce to TRAI rules and regulation along with he suggested student what things should be avoided on Social media.

6th November 2014
Mr. Shivakumar Venkateswaran,Chief Human Resources Officer,Indian Institute of Management Bangalore-shared the essential factors like self-assessment, and self-motivation play an essential role in choosing a career and keeping oneself focused, also impart knowledge on how one should do self-assessment.

Placement Update

First phase of placements of the current batch had started in April 2014, eight months before graduation. Over 25 companies have shown interest and are in the different phases of the interview process.

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