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NATIONAL CONFERENCE: Workshop Deliberations


The session was chaired by Mr. Arun Mudhol and Our director Mr. Nitin Garg. The first paper was presented by Prof Krishan Iyer, He talked about how complex such a simple thing as business etiquettes could be when the B- School graduates has to deal with people from different countries having different cultures.
The next paper was presented Mr. Surendra Reddy, a Research Scholar who talked about the real pictures of Indian, the challenges they are facing and talents they are churning out.
The next paper was presented by Sowyma BK and Srinvas HS They highlighted the mismatch that existed between the expectation from the management students and the educational inputs they get in B-school by using “Skill gap analysis tool.
The Next paper was presented by Dr. D Anjuman Momin he talked about how globalization has a multi dimensional impact on the system of education. He promoted new tools and techniques in the area of E-learning, Flexible learning and Distance education program.
The next paper was presented by Amlan Bhattacharys who emphasized on importance of learning with SMART parameters. His case study was developed after discussions with faculties of Premier Management schools.
The next paper was presented by Mrs. P. Vasavi who emphasized on the use of technology based education and knowledge driven society can either accept or fight globalization.   
Written by: Prof. Meenal Jain