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NATIONAL CONFERENCE: Workshop Deliberations


Workshop C had the session chaired by Dr.B.G.Sathyaprasad and Dr.Swaroop Reddy. The first paper was presented by Prof. Jharna Lulla, ISME, Navi Mumbai titled “Trends in development economics and role of education & research in the era of globalization with special emphasis on India.” The paper was divided into two parts; one was about the economic indicators like GDP, foreign investment and international trade. The discussion evolved around the importance of primary/secondary and tertiary industry. There was also a mention on newly industrialized economies and the paradigm shift from unskilled labor to skilled labor.
The next paper was on “Integrated thinking and its impact on global management education.” By Prof.Srujana and Prof Sai Prassana of ICBM, Hyderabad. The objective of the paper was to address the contemporary issues faced by Indian Organization, speed and frenzy life of today’s workforce, strategies to counteract with failures and perceived decline value of intelligence. The talk revolved around the concept of wisdom its approach in management development perspective and its effect on global education.
The third speaker was Mr.Sathya Prasad who had presented a paper titled; “Global exporsure in management education and strengthening values for successful careers.”He emphasized on university tie-up, faculty/student exchange, leadership development program and case study method.
The next speakers were Ms. Evangeline and Ms P.Guruwammal who spoke on the theme “Management education must be made “Mass education” rather than the “Class education” and that too without compromising on the quality.” They were emphasizing on the fact that globalization of curriculum is a must for successful management education. They also cited the need for re-engineering of syllabus and quality education.
Ms.Shwetha and Mr. Raghavendra, students of Sheshadripuram college, Bangalore presented a paper titled “Management Education in an era of globalization, rethinking the need for critical perspectives.” They focused on adoption of knowledge based curriculum and creating a balance of knowledge resources & leadership values.
Prof Bodhisatta Bhattacharya from IFIM was the last presenter who spoke about the globalization of brands, an Indian perspective. Thus the presentations came to a close with lot of analysis, recommendations and suggestion from various speakers.

Written by: Prof. Preeja Sridhar