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NATIONAL CONFERENCE: Workshop Deliberations


Honorable Chair:
1.      Dr. Thomas George, Chairman T John Group of Institutions.
2.      Dr Anil Rawat, MD IBMT College of IBMT.
The session started with addresses from the chair members. Dr George highlighted the challenges that B schools face in the dynamic environment and emphasized the need for industry to be more open to interact with academia.
Dr Rawat spoke about the opportunities that India has as a result of globalization. He highlighted India’s demographic dividend- i.e. a country with the oldest civilization and the youngest population.
The participants of the workshop gave a wide and varied perspective on the conference theme.
The first presenter, Dr. R Jagdish touched upon the macro level impact of globalization on management education.  He was followed by Mr. Venkateshwara who emphasized the need for new learning formats like e-learning, distance learning and the like.
Dr Reen V  A discussed her survery with recent MBAs that brought out the gap between academics and global expectations.  Mr. B K Kempagowda talked about the professional skill set required for meeting the globalization challenge specifically in relation to the pharmaceutical industry.  Mr Bibin Raj an Mr. Haarun Mohammed addressed the broader issues of  Indian education.
Dr. S R Keshva and Ms Jeniffer Fernandis underscored the opportunities abound for young Indian aspiring managers in various domains.
Written by: Prof. Marya Wani