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Ms. Shoma Bakre, Co-founder Empower Research interacts with ISME students

A guest lecture was organised for the management students of ISME as a part of their Business Research course. The lecture was delivered by Mrs. Shoma Bakre, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of EmPower Research who visited the campus on the 19th of January 2011.

She introduced us to market research and the importance of understanding the customer and his needs. 
She also talked to the students about the boom of social media, various platforms of social media available today and how to apply them to extract valuable customer buying patterns. She stressed on how companies today have started β€œlistening” to the public through social media like Facebook, Twitter etc.
A brief of EmPower Research and its various operations was also discussed for the benefit of marketing students interested in taking up a Market Research job profile.
Her lecture which included various case studies, real life examples and student interactions was very effective, interesting and informative.
Sruthi T