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Life is everyday a new miracle,
Which you must learn how to tackle,
Sometimes so tough and seems impossible,
All sorrows & pains on the double.
Feeling alone and everything so unknown,
Darkness engulfing and fear so prone,
Searching for the bright ray of light,
That support me, but…its out of sight.
Walking through the streets of sadness,
Trying to cross that ocean of madness,
But the more I try to swim,
The more I drown,
Grief holding my legs and pulling me down.
Crying, begging and shouting aloud in fear
But everything away, no one around to hear,
Slowly and steadily I go through,
Successfully crossing those street of sorrow.
Its just a part of life,
Really horrible, but not so rife,
So enjoy this life you never know what is NEXT??
Harshit Agarwal.