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Life Audit: Self Discovery – Prof.Rajaram Sastry

11 Jan, 23.

Who Am I? why self-discovery is so important

This is not a question to answer by saying, “ I ’ m a businessman ” or “ I ’ m a industrialist. ” It ’ s a question that invites deeper responses, like here ’ s what I value, here ’ s what brings me joy, here ’ s what motivates me, here ’ s the way I want to live my life. My answers to this may mutate over time.
That ’ s why it ’ s important to ask this question frequently. We do not create the meaning of our life. We discover it

As a coach, I’ve learned through countless sessions with courageous, motivated clients that each individual has the answers within them. Every person has the wisdom and intuition to know what is best for themselves. Sometimes we simply need someone or something to coax it out of us and
encourage us to move forward. It was my father and also my better half who saw the spark in my teaching ability and that’s how my new avatar as an educator started a decade ago and began my self-discovery… focused, excited, and engaged.

It happens with everyone. Graduate searching for the perfect job, a retiree wondering how to make the most of days, —you can use this system to figure out where you want to go next. Everyone is not blessed to have a trusted advisor.

Imagine a Paediatrician doing Mainframe Cobol Programming, CA doing catering business, Dentist doing placement consultancy, MA (Litt) is holding position of Chief Technology Officer, A medical doctor holds position of Chief Beliefs Officer. These are some real world examples I have witnessed.

Change didn’t occur in my mind—it only begins there. Change required me to do something. Awareness compelled me to take action, and that’s when “Achievers Academy” was started by me, and I was teaching online PG and Professional courses …. but sometimes awareness is frightening, intimidating, or confusing. Sometimes we are uncomfortable with our own answers or the actions our answers require us to take.

One of my own “ aha ” moments happened during a particularly stressful and confusing time when my sister asked me the question, “ What would happen if you just let go and allowed the universe to catch you? ” In essence, she was asking what would happen if I stopped fretting and trying to control events and simply let life unfold?

Our goal in life should not be to pursue imagined or externally derived ideals, but rather to develop a more realistic understanding of our strengths and limitations. By doing so, we can avoid negative psychological states and self-actualize, feel contentment, and make better contributions to the world.

Taking stock, gaining control and creating the life you want.
life-changing process that will ensure your time is spent on the right activities.
Each of us can ask this quest “Who am I”

What do I love doing?
 Who do I love spending time with?
 Are my actions guided by love or fear?
 What brings me joy?
Ask yourself the big questions . . .
 Are you in control of your life?
 Do you find yourself wondering where the time goes?
 Are you at a crossroads, unsure of what lies ahead?
 Are you doing the things YOU want to do?
 How would I like to be remembered by grandchildren?
 How would you like to engage life?

Every day, we stop and ask our friends, “how are you?” But when was the last time you asked yourself how you were doing…. Ikigai urges individuals to simplify their lives by pursuing what sparks joy for them

Applicable in Personal Effectiveness: Self-help management

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