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Journey of a woman entrepreneur

On 16th January, 2013 there was a guest lecture on entrepreneurship by Dr. Revathi Siddhartha Roy. She is a doctorate in Economics from the University of Toronto. She is a pioneer in the Womens Fleet Taxi Service which is a large platform for providing employment to women from below poverty line families. She started Forsche pronounced as FORSHE by driving a taxi herself and getting a firsthand experience in real life. FORSHE then took on a new brand image and is now running on its own steam as VIIRA. 

She was invited by Mrs.Hillary Clinton to participate in the Summit conducted by the Hillary Clinton Foundationlast year and was recently awarded the LIONS GOLD AWARD for FAVORITE WOMAN SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR at a glittering award ceremony.

 Dr. Roy exemplifies an ideal entrepreneur. She narrated anecdotes from her real life which inspired all the students. She took us on a voyage to the tumultuous journey of her life. She told  us about how she thought of turning her passion of driving into a business and what all challenges and adversities she faced during that whole phase. She shared with us how she overcame the obstacles in her path and since then never looked back in life and also about the huge risks she took in her life.

Even after achieving so much in life in such a short span of time, she is not complacent. She still wants to soar greater heights which is really admirable. She is truly an inspiration for all aspiring and budding entrepreneurs.

Dr.Roy is a real example of how hard work, passion and vision if put in the right direction can take one from rags to riches. The take away points were that even if one loses one’s eyesight, one should never lose the vision. Another point which was worth noting was that no matter what happens in life, one should face the challenges bravely , should never give up or quit and should leave no stone unturned to achieve the goal.  

She is really a woman of steel forging India ahead by empowering the women who belong to the lower strata of the society and she is also giving a beautiful turn to the lives of these unprivileged women by making them self reliant.

It was really our priviledge to lend our ears to such a charismatic woman who has become an ideal of not only the girls but also of many boys and she has left an indelible mark on all the students.

By: Mansi Parikh