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INDUSTRY VISIT: VST Tillers & Tractors

On 22nd of Jan 2013 we 13 HR Students of ISME visited VST Tillers and Tractors as part of Industrial visit. We were accompanied by Prof. Mishra & Prof. Lodi. The engineer gave brief introduction of the industry and we were taken for the visit to each shop floor and were explained in detail what they do and how the tractors & tillers are manufactured. We were also taken to R&D dept where fuel consumption and horse power was blocked to 18.5bhp. This software is maintained by their own company.

Subsequently we met DGM HR Mr. Kodandaram, HE briefed the students about the IR issues of the company as well as union issue. He cleared our doubts & spoke about safety & welfare and even about culture about the industry. Further he briefed about the trade union problem and even asked all the student for suggestion about a particular issue which pertained to union leaders.