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The industrial visit for the ISME Navi Mumbai first batch was organised in early September 2010. The students were taken to The Indian Express printing press. Being the very first industrial visit, it gave a lot of value add in the minds of the 43 batchmates.

The atmosphere was very noisy as the people entered into the premises, since the machines were working. Students were divided into two groups. Each group was then guided by two supervisors of the press. The supervisors explained how the Indian press has evolved from the ancient to the modern age. Initially, the editor used to write the edited article , which was then sent to the press, which was a slow printing process. Today, the article is typed in the computer, stored in PDF file and printed by automated machines, which is a very fast process. The students were shown how actually the paper passed from one machine to another, how various colours were integrated and the papers getting ready within no time. 40,000 copies were delivered per hour. The editions printed were The Indian Express, Loksatta, and their associated supplements and magazines. The students were then asked to prepare a detailed report on The Indian Express as a whole. Thus, the whole process had a lot of learning take away for the students.

Ila Joshi


ISME, Navi Mumbai