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How CPA enhances the scope of opportunities for you?

US CPA course gives you in-depth knowledge of areas related to US GAAP, US Tax, and US Audit. As we know, for a fact that there are many Multinational companies in India who are desperate for CPAs and are ever ready to hire them. Basically, after looking at all this we can say that this is an opportunity for all Indian accounting graduates to get the certification so they can earn a lot of money with international recognition and of course immense respect. 

Indian CAs also have an advantage when it comes to pursuing CPA because they already have the knowledge and skills to become a CPA all they have to do is give the Uniform CPA examination and get the license. 

CPAs would have immense job opportunities and as their experience level increases, so does their salary potential. Thus, there would be continuous professional career growth for a CPA. Financial advisors are required by almost all businesses and organizations to keep them in check and help them gain more profit. CPAs are hired by:

  • Subsidiaries of US-based MNCs in India
  • Few Indian MNCs who have raised money from US capital markets
  • Auditors of these MNCs
  • F&A companies

So, there’s an abundance of jobs in India in various Auditing, Taxation, Financial Planning & Analysis and other profiles.

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