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Guest lecture session @ ISME, NM

Guest Speaker- Mr. Johnson Thomas
On 17th of September our college campus was very grateful to have presence of Mr. Johnson Thomas, founder-director of AASRA foundation, which is an NGO that supports suicide prevention. Sir gave us a brief idea on first how do NGO’s work. Secondly the need of NGO’s in our societies was explained in a very fantastic way focusing mainly on youth contribution to such a noble cause.
The mission, vision, values, features, and importance of AASRA in our society were explained in detail. Some of the very influencing thoughts were shared by Sir which inspired us to take initiatives towards such noble causes for betterment of society. Sir’s presentation was followed by an event organized by academic club which was a skit competition in which different groups performed skits on social awareness topics like Honor Killing, HIV/AIDS, From Depression to Death and Single Parenting. The competition was fairly judged by Sir and Jharna Madam where the Best Performing group award went to “From Depression to Death” and the Best Performer award went to Manisha Gathala.
-By Trushna sampat
(Literary Club Member)