Guest Lecture on Organizational Development

A guest lecture was held on Tuesday, 28th December, 2010 by Mr. Jayakanthan for the
students of the Human Resource Management specialization at ISME.
He was a graduate from Bangalore University with over 20 years of experience
predominantly in learning and development. He is also a well known behavioural
trainer, quiz master and also a semi finalist at the prestigious BBC master mind
quiz show.
Mr. Jayakanthan threw light upon the various aspects of “Organizational Development”
with his practical experiences in the corporate which was a real eye opener for all of us.
We actually got the essence of the subject in the real corporate world.
He also enabled us to think about “Organizational Development” from a different perspective altogether apart from the typical tools and techniques applied normally.
Thus, Mr. Jayakanthan provided great insight about the subject with an exceptionally
remarkable personality.
Cutie Monga
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