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Guest lecture on “ IT industry scenario “ by Mr Chandran Natrajan in ISME , Bangalore

On 7th September, there was guest lecture by Mr Chandran Natrajan, an industry expert in IT. He comes with a rich experience in IT industry and has held many CXO positions in leading  IT companies.
He started the lecture by giving  the basic knowledge about information technology and  its core objective. Then he briefed us about the advent of information technology and the other kinds of technology. He further informed us about the contribution of  IT sector  to the GDP of the country.
He then explained the complete structure of  IT , the hardware scenario, the software scenario. He then compared IT sector with  the other sectors of the economy namely manufacturing sector, service sector, agricultural sector. He also told about the relevance of IT in retail industry and management world.
He also talked about the challenges faced by the IT sector and its scope. He gave a vivid picture of  the current  scenario of IT by giving relevant statistical data.

The lecture came to an end with the discussion on the anticipated future scenario of the IT sector.
The session was very informative and interactive . The crystal clear view and the valuable inputs given by Mr Chandran Natrajan will definitely enhance the knowledge of all the students.
By: Mansi Parikh