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Guest lecture on Entrepreneurship.

Mr. Deepak Shankar,Director of Print360 was at ISME – Bangalore on 10thApril, 2012.

He started his lecture by telling about his business which started in March 2011 in Bangalore. There was around 40lakhs of initial investment and his firm’s estimated profit at first was around 12lakhs.
Deepak talked about the things that are required before starting any business. He talked about viability and how much growth rate and how much you can grow in the initial stage. He talked about growth and survivalof your business among competitor firms. He said that you must also look for profitability, investment and return on investment. If one will not take care about these three things, one can’t survive in the market. He talked about the technological aspect too.
He spoke about the kinds of hurdles you can face on starting a business. He discussed about legality, documentation and taxation. He explained that how taxation affects our business. He also talked about refunding, time to run, overhead control, protocol etc. He explained everything with a practical angle.
He talked about different kinds of sources available for finance. He explained various sources like self, private, bank, venture capital, angel, partners etc.
He said about what you should do, when you are doing business. He talked about working with dead lines, and one should anticipate competition, hiring right kind of people, and one should continue to keep analyzing work as a long term effort. Long term effort or persistent hard work is my personal favorite and I have gained immensely by applying it in my life too.
Towards the end, he talked about the Lingos. These are most important for all the entrepreneurs and each entrepreneur must follow these Lingos.

By: Vadodariya Nilesh Rameshbhai
(Student, ISME-Bangalore)