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Guest Lecture on E-Marketing.

There was a guest lecture at ISME, Bangalore on the 28th February by guest speaker Mr. Shiv Shakti Garg on the topic emerging trends in Mobile Marketing and e-Marketing focusing mainly on the Retail Industry. Mr. Garg currently is the Deputy General Manager of Vmoksha Technology’s. He is a graduate from Indian Statistical Institute and holds a Masters in Management from MDI.

Mr.Garg started the session discussing the importance of Mobile Marketing in urban as well as rural markets and how mobile phones have changed shopping experiences. With many industries focusing on supply chain management, he stressed upon a B2B scenario. Mr. Garg also told students how TESCO uses Andriod and Mobile Web application for its smoother and efficient operations and also how major retail players are enjoying the advantage of Mobile marketing today.

He concluded with Mobile Marketing in reference to Business to Customers and Mobile Marketing scope in the near future covering important points such as Marketing Strategy, Consumer Behavior, Customer Loyalty and Increased performance with increase in sales numbers.

Overall the session was very interactive wherein students gained a lot of information and learned about the scope to be explored in mobile e-marketing when it comes to the retail and other industries.

By: Souvagya Ranjan.