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Guest lecture on “Corporate Leadership” by Lt. Col. Vijay Batra in ISME, Bangalore.

On 5th June 2012, there was a guest lecture by Lt. Col. Vijay Batra. He is the owner and founder of Corporate Pathfinders. He is an attitudinal, motivational and behavioral facilitator. He is an astute and result oriented professional, possessing exceptional versatility in the field of Training & development, as a trainer and facilitator. He has 32 years of experience in the field of Leadership, Motivation, Attitude, Organizational Development, Change Management and Training & Development.

The lecture basically focused on leadership and the key factors that are required to become a leader. Before talking on leadership he started the conversation saying that people are the owners of their own life. If you want your life to be wonderful, it is your responsibility to mould it in the form you want.

He also talked about the brand of a person. The brand of a person is the quality that differentiates that particular person from others. A person must be aware of some of his /her qualities and those qualities should also be validated by others.

Then he brought the focus on leadership. As per the conversation, leadership is a guidance that is given to others. Leadership cannot be taught. It comes from experience. In this context, he also said that the key to success in an endeavor is the ability to lead others successfully. But before leading others you also need to know how to lead yourself.

A video was shown to focus on different concepts regarding leadership. The video was very motivating. The video conveyed a message that despite of any problem in life, if you are able to motivate yourself and lead others, you are a true leader. The thing that you need to do is to talk to yourself that everything is fine and nothing can stop you to achieve your goals. You need to learn how to unlock the problem in your life, put the expiry date on that problem, put that behind and move ahead.

He also focused on certain important points related to leadership. He said that the basic definition of leadership is to influence others. The next important point was to priorities things and that is the key to leadership. He also said that the most important ingredient of leadership is Integrity. A leader should also have right attitude. What happens to a person does not matter but how that person respond to that situation is more important. He also mentioned that a leader should have a clear vision because it is the indispensable quality of a leader. The most important lesson of leadership is staff development. He/she should have focus on guiding the followers. That is the most important role of a leader.

The session ended with an energizing and motivating statement

I can, I must, I will”

By: Jyoti Gupta

ISME, Bangalore