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Guest Lecture on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

A Cognitive Behavior Therapy session was held for the students of ISME Bangalore, on 20th January 2012.

It was conducted by Dr.Shobha Mangoli, a consultant in the field of clinical psychology for 20 yrs. She is a master trainer in ‘Population Education and Adolescent Issues’. She is currently a consultant at Sukrut Human and Organisation Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

She talked about behaviour of humans and how understanding your mind is required to live a stress free life. Giving examples from her profession, she explained how people tend to do the most outrageous things under the influence of a depressed mind.

The session was very lively, punctuated with the inputs from the audience, which included both students and professors. Prof.Preeja Sridhar and Prof. Swaroop Reddy contributed a great deal, and made the lecture a greater learning experience for everybody.

The pivotal focus of the talk was on the Self Defeating Rules or the Irrational Beliefs that a person has in his /her mind, that one needs to get rid of for leading a more positive life.”We don’t allow room for change in our lives” she says. That again stressed upon the importance of willingness to change according to the environment.

She also talked about personal/self growth, and how it can transform your relationships and your life at home and workplace. The questions and the interactions led to further unfurling of subjects like, fear, subconscious mind, confusion and disorientation. Students were very keen on knowing about the reasons behind the personal dilemma in their lives and how to overcome them to bring a healthy and balanced attitude at the workplace.

The HR crowd of ISME got a whole new dimension of learning of organisational behaviour, through cognitive therapy. A series of such training and development sessions are on the schedule for the next term, which the students are eagerly anticipating.

By: Neeti Thakur.