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Guest Lecture by Mr. Satish K V

Marketing students at ISME  attended a Guest lecture on Advertising and Media on Sunday 8th of January. It  was conducted by Mr. K.V Satish, who has almost 10 years of experience in advertising field, he is currently working with Vikram hospitals .The class was really beneficial for everyone, as he enriched us with his ideas and thoughts. It interested us the most was that he told that advertisements are like magic. They cast spells on us when we come in contact with effective advertisements.He also displayed some fantastic advertisements.
                Mr Satish emphasized that advertisement industry is one of the oldest industries. He also displayed some of the old and new ads that have left an impact, as he shared the history behind advertisements.  On the closing note he shared some real life experiences with us that certainly will help us. We learnt a lot from this class and will look forward to have him again to share his knowledge and experience with us.

Bhanu Chhabra