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Global Shapers Forum

Date: 13.10.12               Venue :  SAP Labs auditorium            Time : 9.30 am to 1.30 pm

Global Shapers Forum which is a World Economic Forum had organized a panel discussion and Q & A session on 13.10.12.
The Panel Members were B K Birla founder of Zop Now. Geetika Goael, SR. Project Mgr. with Infosys & Ravish Mishra, core team member at Mobstac.

The Panel discussion was mainly on Life at Corporate vs Startup. 
  • What makes a person to go for a startup?
  • The strong and weak points in a start up. 
  • Experience of the panel members with corporate and startups. 
  • What to face in startups if one joins in start ups?

The program  was concluded by address of Bhupesh Gupta, CEO Karazalis consulting, on what the recruiter looks in the candidate.

All the panel members were alumni of IIT Kanpur and were with Infosys  for a good period of time before getting in to startups or going back to corporate after a short stint with startup.  The panel was of the opinion that the corporate life is in some way more comfortable as lots of things comes as a package, and you are sure of a monthly salary on fixed date, leave when you want and people to share your part of job in case required,  which was not available with a start up as one has to do everything with full responsibility and most of the time no body to help or no place to lean on. On the view of what makes a person to go for a start up unanimously  they said passion for doing something new. Of course sometimes it is the monotony of work which makes them to look out for some adventure.  Mainly it happens due to mismatch of the job which one does.  Most of the jobs are taken mainly keeping in mind the packet it carries or designation it gives – very few because the job satisfy their passion ( in such case they will not look out ).  At some point of time as the personal strength , skill sets and passion do not match, they are not able to add value again and again with passing of time, which leads to frustration or lack of motivation from the corporate. Many of them take up start up as no other choice.  On the strength of Start up the general opinion was more learning even though less earning initially.  A sense of responsibility of taking up a job and doing it well. The name involved in achievement.  Mainly  following ones passion, what one wanted to do in life.  This also enhanced the networking ability, the trick of jugad and practical experience being on other side of corporate.  The difficulty in these startups were one lack of resource which restricted getting good talents to do the job.  Missing of comfort level. And trying to make both ends meet.  Mainly the effect on the personal life. All the members felt these pangs in their life with startups after having served a big corporate of6 to 8 years.  One of the panel member had gone back to Infosys after a short stint in startup.  If one joins a start up or starts a new venture the first thing which will pinch will be the packet.  The fund is very important.  Even to impress a VC some strong project with infrastructure is reqd. If one is joining a start up then he or she should not expect a big package and comfort.  They should join to learn something and giving back to the organization more than what is expected of them.  Literally they should become entrepreneurs.  There will lots of learning on the job and off the job.  The struggle will make one very strong in facing any situation and come of difficulties when it arises in life.
The concluding part was an address by  Bhupesh Gupta on what recruiters expect.  The main point brought out by him was people should have a Positive attitude.  It is the attitude which  gives the recruiter a picture of the candidate how one will behave in job situation, and gives him an idea whether one is suited for his kind of requirement. The second main area is knowledge about the organization and the expectation of the organization in specific. 
The session concluded with Q & A posed by the audience.
Prof. Krishnan. R