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Finance Finesse 2016 @ ISME

Finance Finesse 2016 was a finance fest held for ISME students of finance specialization. Consisted of multiple events, that were designed to fine-tune the understanding of finance concepts and provide an opportunity to apply the same in practical environment.
         #Being Bullish â€“ Teams were to create a stock portfolio that makes the maximum profit in the given day
          #ETcetera â€“ Teams were to search for answers on latest economic events from the given set of Economic Times newspapers

#IceBreak– Teams were to introduce innovatively

    #BPlan â€“ Teams were to prepare a business plan
          #IPCSection â€“ Teams were to solve case studies relating to International Finance, Financial Planning, Risk Management and Stock Selection
          #FinQuiz â€“ Teams were to participate in quiz with questions relating to IPOs, M&As, Logos, Taglines, Economy, Concepts & Finance Personalities

#MagicMagic– Teams were to demonstrate a magic Trick< /span>
          #AdDiction â€“ Teams were to create a motion advertisement / TVC for a financial product/service – Life Insurance Plan, Mutual Fund, Online Banking Etc.
          #Stalwarts â€“ Teams were to make a poster on the chosen finance scholars and their contribution to finance discipline and present the same. The personalities included – Warren Buffet, Benjamin Graham, William Sharpe, Chanakya, Merton Miller and Eugene Fama
         #TreasuryHunt– Teams were to search throughout the campus for a treasure and need to solve clues based on finance at every junction
      #HardNut â€“ Teams were to answer a set of questions based on hard core financial concepts
     #Synergy â€“ Teams were given an egg, around which they need to make a construct so strong that even when the construct is thrown from terrace, egg shouldn’t be broken. For these they could buy various items by spending virtual money. 
Students were fully involved in the entire day-long event. It was an opportunity for the learning complicated concepts of finance with fun.