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On 15th February 2013, there was a guest lecture by Ms. Gayathri Sharma on entrepreneurship. Ms. Sharma is the executive director in The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE), Bangalore and has been working with the organization since many years. TIE focuses on fostering entrepreneurship globally.

Ms. Sharma started the session highlighting the need of entrepreneurs in the present era. She told us that an entrepreneur apart from focusing on minting money for oneself also serves the society by creating job opportunities for the people, creating wealth and also tries to satisfy and deliver the society better with the improvisations and innovations.

She urged the budding entrepreneurs to come out of the cocoon and carve a niche for themselves. She talked about the various traits a person must possess to be an entrepreneur. According to her, apart from having the business acumen, a person must be visionary, risk taker, innovator, quick decision maker, opportunistic etc to be an entrepreneur. She also said that an entrepreneur should make hay while the sun shines and grab every opportunity that knocks on its door, one should find forums and broaden one’s network and also one should be able to connect the dots.

Ms. Sharma also briefed us about her organization TIE and how it has taken the initiative of fostering the moppet entrepreneurs. She told that the organization undertakes many activities to promote entrepreneurship. Some of the activities are as follows:

  • Mentoring and guru talk
  • Networking events
  • TIE Institute workshops
  • Seminars and conferences
  • EAP (Entrepreneur acceleration Program)
  • Webinars

She also invited us to the four day TIE Startup Festival to learn more about entrepreneurship.
It was really an amazing session for the neophytes like us and many of us who aspire to be an entrepreneur are looking forward to connect with the organization to transmogrify our dreams to reality.

By: Mansi Parikh