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English for all-Series 3

I am sure you’ll find this series helpful. Some of the below given words are often misused.Check it out, you will know the huge difference it makes in connotation and denotation.
  1. Advise: To provide information or guidance
  2. Advice: Guidance given or received, (a noun, not a verb)
  1. Alternate: To switch between two or more options; every second one.
  2. Alternative: Different or other option; different from what is normally done.
  1. Compliment: To congratulate; an expression of praise
  2. Complement: To add to; that which completes
  1. Its: Singular ownership where gender is nonexistent (or unknown)
  2. It’s: Abbreviated form of “It is”
  1. License: To grant permission or to authorize
  2. Licence: A certificate or formal permission to do something

Many more to follow in the coming weeks.

Preeja Signingoff