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English for all – Series 2

If there is a subject of really universal interest and utility, it is the art of writing and speaking english effectively. It is the basis of business. No salesman can sell anything unless he can explain the merits of his goods in effective english or can write an advertisement equally effective, or present his ideas and the facts in a letter, indeed, the way we talk and write letters largely determines our success in life.

This week’s quota of words are picked from day-to-day transaction levels.

Adhoc- meaning “for a particular use”

C.V- Curriculum Vitae, meaning “Course of one’s life”

E.G- “Exempligratia” Example

et al- “et alii” meaning “”and other people”

etc- etcetra, “Other things”

i.e- id est meaning “That is”

R.S.V.P- Respondez S’ilvus Plait “Please reply”
Delivering the best to your desk, week after week.

Preeja signing off!!!!!!!