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English for all of us: WEBCAST

We are often confused with the appropriate usage of the language.Choice of the grammatically correct word is an enigma at times. The following attempt is made to enlighten every one of us on the right usage of words and phrases. Here we go……….

  1. As yet: use “yet”
  2. As to whether: use “Whether”
  3. Between: “between 8:00A.M & 4:00P.M ” NOT “between 8:00A.M to 4:00P.M. Alternatively use “from 8:00A.M to 4:00P.M, NOT 8:00A.M-4:20P.M.
  4. Centered around: this is incorrect. Use “Centered on”
  5. Chairman/Chairperson: To avoid sexist language, use the noun”Chair” -when referring to a person presiding over a company board, committee or meeting. Avoid Chariman and Chairperson;one is regarded sexist, the other is stilted.

Will be back with a bang ,every week.

Preeja signing off!!!!!!